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4 Bottles of Stratus Cleaning Products with a Logo Over the Image that Says “We Proudly Use Green Seal Certified Products”

Even Your Business’s Cleaning Services Can Go Green for Earth Day

At Stratus Building Solutions, we understand the importance of using green cleaning methods that do not strain the environment or adversely affect the health of your building’s occupants. We understand that it is in the best interest of our franchisees, customers, and the environment to use Green Seal-certified cleaning products. [...]

commercial cleaner with glove

Gym Cleaning Services from Stratus

Gyms have a certain level of intimacy in which members interact within the space. Gyms are filled with members who aim to be a healthier, stronger version of themselves. Often, this hard work results in sweat and grime.


An image of a clean building with shiny white floors and large windows with black framing.

Stratus Stands Out from Other Commercial Cleaning Companies

Stratus Building Solutions strives to help businesses flourish with the help of our professional commercial cleaning services. Our team considers eco-friendly cleaning solutions to be the number one priority for creating the healthiest environment for your employees, patients, guests, and clients alike. [...]

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A Janitorial Cleaning Business With Stratus Building Solutions

It’s no secret that cleaning has become an essential part of life for a vast majority of people. However, not everyone has the time to personally clean and properly disinfect their workspace. This is why professional cleaning companies are hired and form the billion-dollar industry that it is today.  [...]

Stratus Building Solutions cleaning company

How To Keep Germs From Spreading In Your Workplace

Germs can be spread through your workplace in a variety of ways and can live on surfaces from minutes to hours. Germs can easily spread from someone coughing, not washing hands, blowing your nose, sneezing, and coming into work while feeling sick.