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A Stratus Employee in a Uniform Shirt, Goggles, and Face Mask Uses a Disinfecting Machine to Spray an Office Reception Desk

How Stratus Building Solutions Exceeds Your Expectations

At Stratus Building Solutions, we have always prided ourselves on providing high-quality cleaning solutions that surpass the services provided by our competitors. When you hire us for commercial or industrial cleaning services, we will provide your business with solutions that exceed your expectations. We accomplish this in several ways:

  • Cleaning services that are customized to your needs: Stratus franchisees are experienced in providing cleaning services to businesses of all types. From retail stores and medical facilities to warehouses, offices, and more, we know how to provide thorough and effective cleaning to every business we service. Not only can we customize our solutions to your business type, but we can also customize them to your schedule. Whether you are open during standard office hours and need janitorial services after you close for the day, or you run a retail operation that needs day porter services while your business is open, we will provide cleaning solutions on the schedule that is optimal for you.
  • Comprehensive green cleaning services: We implement our Stratus Green Clean commercial cleaning program into all of the services we provide at no additional cost. Our eco-friendly chemicals and cleaning methods are non-toxic, biodegradable, low VOC, free of known carcinogens, and fragrance free. Not only will our cleaning services not harm the environment, but they also do not leave behind fumes that could irritate respiratory systems or unpleasant fragrances that could disrupt your facility’s occupants.
  • Cutting-edge cleaning technology and methods: Employees of our Stratus franchises are thoroughly trained in safe and effective cleaning methods, including specialized training for staff members who provide medical cleaning services. We use proprietary cleaning chemicals, color-coded microfiber cloths and bottles to prevent cross contamination, and expert cleaning processes for your carpets, hard floors, and much more.
  • Prioritized quality and customer satisfaction checks: Your Stratus franchisee will ensure that the cleaning services being provided to your business are meeting our high standards through regular 50-point quality checks and monthly customer satisfaction surveys. And if any problems do arise, your franchisee is readily available by phone for a consultation or in-person to provide a resolution.

You have a business to run, which is why it is so important to hire a cleaning company that will uphold the high standards that you have for your facility’s cleanliness. Contact Stratus today to learn how we will exceed your expectations with our commercial and industrial cleaning services.