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A Long Tiled Hallway in a School with Turquoise Lockers on Both Sides and Chairs Stacked on Top of Each Other in the Distance.

Back-to-School Cleaning Services

From the largest universities to the smallest daycare centers, high-quality day porter and janitorial services are essential to the health of your students and employees. When you choose Stratus Building Solutions, our franchisees will provide you with a professional school cleaning service tailored to your school’s specific needs. Whether you run a university, a high school, or a daycare center, count on Stratus to ensure your students are working and learning in an environment that remains safe and hygienic.

With students returning to school in the midst of a pandemic, shared environments must remain sanitary to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses and diseases. Stratus’ Sani-Spritz, UV-C Sanitation Wand, and electric/electrostatic disinfecting systems can be used in high-traffic areas and restrooms for an extra level of cleaning.

In middle schools, high schools, and universities, we focus on creating and maintaining hygienic environments ideal for learning and staying healthy. From cleaning bathrooms to shelves, locker rooms, high-traffic floor areas, and more, our franchisees look forward to creating a cleaning plan that works for you. Additionally, our franchisees use Green Seal-Certified cleaning solutions, including an environmentally responsible, health-conscious line of non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals. Count on Stratus to provide your daycare, primary school, or university with trained and professional franchisees who will keep your school both clean and presentable.

Daycares are filled with vulnerable children who are more susceptible to more viruses than older students. With toys being shared, messy arts and crafts, and dirt from the playground being tracked in, Stratus’ daycare cleaning services are the answer to sanitizing and maintaining daycares. Not only will we make the floors shine, but we will also make sure to disinfect high-traffic areas such as play centers, nap areas, desks, door handles, and more. Our cleaning process aims to prevent cross-contamination and reduce indoor air pollution. With state-of-the-art janitorial service chemicals and materials, we are able to focus on eliminating harmful germs, bacteria, spores, and harsh chemicals to keep your staff and children of all ages safe. Create a safe and healthy environment for your students and employees with our thorough and high-quality cleaning and disinfecting services. Whether you are interested in a deep clean before an event or would like to create a regular cleaning plan for your school, Stratus has you covered. Visit today to learn more about our thorough school cleaning services.