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Seven coworkers taking a selfie while wearing Santa hats during their holiday office party.

The Only Office Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist You Need

Let loose and unwind with friends and fellow coworkers at your annual holiday office party! Before the drinks start flowing and music starts pumping, someone has to start planning. There is a lot of prep that goes into bringing a party to life. Before you spend time decorating, you want to make sure your space is clean and welcoming with the appropriate office cleaning services.

This checklist will have you covered before the festivities begin and after they are over, so every aspect of your party goes smoothly.

  • Make sure counters and surfaces are disinfected and clear of clutter.
    An unsightly stack of papers, crumbs from yesterday’s snack, a spilled soda from an hour ago… none of these will do. Before throwing a tablecloth over everything and calling it a day, take some time to clean up the clutter and disinfect the surfaces. Then overlay these areas with your tablecloths and party décor so your space is healthy, spotless, and convivial.
  • Sweep and vacuum floors and remove tripping hazards.
    A lot of dirt, dust, and grime can get tracked into the office on a daily basis. A thorough floor cleaning before the party starts gives you a blank canvas and actually helps freshen the air. Furthermore, if people plan to dance or just socialize throughout the party space, you don’t want there to be unnecessary chairs or pieces of furniture in the way.
  • Clean your restrooms prior to the party and ensure they are well stocked.
    The bathroom quickly becomes a satellite location to the main party happening outside. People are in and out multiple times throughout the night, and sometimes it acts as a quieter place to continue a conversation. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom before the party, you will want to have a dedicated person that tracks the state of the bathroom throughout the party. It may be necessary to empty the trash once or twice before the night is over and to restock toilet paper and paper towels.
  • Make sure there are ample receptacles for trash conveniently located throughout the party.
    It’s not a party without great food and thirst-quenching drinks, but trash can pile up quickly. You can determine strategic and discreet places to put extra trash cans, especially close to food stations or other areas where people are likely to gather so you don’t find chicken bones in the windowsill at the end of the night.
  • Clean the kitchen and refrigerators before and after the party.
    Hygienic food storage and prep areas are crucial to protecting the health of your guests and employees. Make sure the fridge has been cleaned out and is ready to receive an abundance of food and drinks prior to the party.

When the party is over, you will of course want to go through this checklist again. Better yet just leave the dirty work to the professionals so you can enjoy your party! Enlist the office cleaning services from Stratus Building Solutions to clean your facility before, during, and after your holiday party. Contact us today to discuss your needs and your schedule.