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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Whether you are selling the next trend in electronics, clothing or jewelry, it is always important when you have something to show off, you do it in the complete and thorough way possible; You have the right lighting, the right shelving, the right layout, now to have the spotless store to match. Just like you, Stratus Building Solutions janitorial services takes an all-inclusive approach you cleaning needs from making sure your floors and counters shine, to sparkling changing rooms and restrooms to make your store the place customers want to shop.

Stratus takes pride in over ten years of providing cleaning services to independent shops, chains, and big-box stores. Start your day knowing the experts in the industry have taken care of every detail to make sure your store is ready to go when you are ready to unlock those doors.

  • Our Attention to Detail. What defines a great retail cleaning service is their attention to detail. Stratus Building Solutions franchisees have an extensive experience in exactly that. Floors, changing rooms, display cases, registers and counters - no detail is overlooked and your store is left spotless!
  • Keeping Your Store Healthy. Our branded processes utilizing state-of-the-art chemicals and materials all focus on eliminating harmful dirt, viruses, bacteria, spores and harsh chemicals to keep your employees and customers safe.
  • Commercial Disinfecting Services. Do you have a lot of pets, children or sick individuals visit your store? Stratus Building Solutions’ Sani-Spritz, electrostatic disinfecting services or UV-C Sanitation Wand can be used in high traffic and hard to reach areas for an extra level of clean.
  • Green is the Stratus Standard. Stratus Building Solutions makes it that much easier and affordable to go green. All of our services come with our commitment to health and the environment and we offer all at no additional charge to you. Ask us for our “Green Establishment” stickers to show your pledge to being green!
  • Professionalism. Never lose another night’s sleep wondering if the doors are locked or the alarm was turned on; Uniformed, badged and with an aptitude for security, you can assure that your office is safe and maintains a professional image when receiving services from your local Stratus franchisee.
  • Bonded and Insured. Stratus Building Solutions cleaners are all covered by our Workers Compensation, Liability and Bond insurances. 
  • Quality Guaranteed. Five-star quality is non-negotiable. We visit your stores and evaluate you the quality of our cleans on a 50 point, 5-star rated system. If 5-star quality is not being met, we will correct the issues on your behalf, every time.

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