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The Value of Owning a Master Franchise in the Commercial Cleaning Industry

Ever since Stratus Building Solutions was founded in 2006, we have strongly believed that owning a master franchise in the commercial cleaning industry, such as with Stratus Building Solutions, was an excellent investment. We have always felt that everyone at Stratus was doing something truly worthwhile by supporting small business owners in our local towns and cities who provide essential services to businesses of all sizes.

We feel more strongly about that than ever.

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Master Franchise Spotlight: Jennifer Poulos

Jennifer Poulos, Master Franchise

Step One. Sometimes, if you’re going to get a fresh start, it helps to clean. You know, before you do anything, it’s nice to be in surroundings that are as clutter- and as germ-free as possible. For most people, getting a fresh start by cleaning means clearing off the clutter on their desk or maybe scrubbing down the bathrooms and kitchen and organizing the silverware drawer — and hoping everything stays looking spotless for at least a few weeks. But for Jennifer Poulos’ fresh start, she went in a different direction.

She bought her own cleaning business.

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Ralph B Sizemore Wins the Franchisee of the Year Award

Franchise Opportunities near me

Everybody is always looking for an edge. How do you earn more money? How do you become more successful? How do you achieve that elusive work-life balance?

You’d do well to ask Ralph Sizemore.

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Master Franchise in Focus – Shafiq Mohamed and the Art of Working Smart…and Hard

Master Franchise Canada

It’s scary running your own business, but there’s something romantic about it, too. The late nights. The rush of adrenaline as you race the clock to nail down a deal and keep the cash flowing. Wondering if you’re going to be a big success or someday be full of regrets.

Having recently bought his own Stratus Building Solutions Master Franchise based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Shafiq Mohamed is going through all of that now.

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Stratus Building Solutions’ Jared Thomas is Living to Change Lives

“I simply like to give back, and when I find an organization that’s doing great things, I feel it’s my responsibility to join in the effort,” says Jared Thomas. He’s a husband, father, volunteer and owner of Stratus Building Solutions of Salt Lake City Metro. The business, much like every other aspect of his life, is a family affair. Thomas’ wife Emily is Chief Financial Officer, daughter Sydney serves as a utility player, filling any and all voids as needed.

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Master Franchise In Focus: Lee Putman Takes Control

Lee Putman Master Franchise Indianapolis

Lee Putman is positive his life is in a much better place, both personally and professionally, since he made the bold decision to join Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise. 

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Master Franchise In Focus: Michael Seiler, Living Life and Changing Lives

Michael Seiler, Master Franchise of Southeast Louisiana (Baton Rouge and New Orleans)

“We’re not job creators, we’re life changers.” This May, Michael Seiler expanded the coverage of his New Orleans master franchise territory to extend to Baton Rouge. He is now the owner of the brand-new Stratus Building Solutions of Southeast Louisiana. Seiler is an entrepreneurship veteran. He has been creating new economic pathways not only for himself, but the hundreds of people under his employment for more than 25 years. That includes several hard-working unit franchisees in New Orleans, and now, Baton Rouge.

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An American Dream Come True: Meet Afshin Cangarlu, CEO of Stratus Building Solutions

Afshin Cangarlu is the CEO of Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s leading commercial cleaning franchise responsible for introducing people in two countries to the world of affordable and scalable business ownership opportunities.  In addition to fantastic people skills, Cangarlu also possesses decades of experience in technology and software development.

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Master Franchise In Focus: Jim Morrison Answers When Opportunity Knocks

Jim Morrison, Master Franchise of Stratus Building Solutions of Wichita

“Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” That quote from writer William Arthur Ward almost proved true for Jim Morrison, Vice President of National Account Sales and Omaha-based master franchisee partner for Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise.

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Stratus Building Solutions: James Barfield’s Entrepreneurship Roots Run Deep

James Barfield, Master Franchise of Stratus Building Solutions of Wichita

The key to a nice, lush green lawn is planting seeds at the correct depth to establish strong roots. The same can be said with most of America’s business owners, including James Barfield. He’s the Wichita, Kansas area master franchisee for Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise.

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