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Women with a runny nose in an office

Flu Season is Upon Us

With flu season beginning, there are crucial extra steps to take to lessen the risk of spreading sickness. Working in a commercial building means it’s easy for a group of people to get sick at once.

  • Encourage the Use of Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a quick and easy way to ensure clean hands are used on work phones, keyboards, mouses, and even shaking hands with others. High-touch areas are less likely to spread sicknesses if there are no germs on them to spread.

  • Routinely Wipe Down Desktops, Phones, and Door Handles

Desks, phones, and door handles are all extremely high-touch areas. This means people constantly touch these areas and, with phones, people put them on their faces and close to their mouths. This is a sure way to get sick during flu season. Routinely wipe down these areas after use to ensure proper hygiene and courtesy during flu season.

  • Ask Employees to Bring Their Own Water Bottle Instead of Using a Water Fountain

Water fountains are deceivingly good at seeming germ-free. However, the issue lies with the button to press for water. These buttons hold a lot of germs from the number of people who use the fountain. Consider asking your employees to bring a water bottle instead of using the fountain, in addition to cleaning the water fountain for those who do use it.

  • Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

Professional commercial cleaning companies know how to perform the proper cleaning tasks to lessen the risk of colds, especially during flu season. We take pride in the janitorial cleaning services we provide for commercial businesses to ensure their company can keep up with production without worrying about taking the extra time to clean up. Our commercial cleaning business utilizes state-of-the-art equipment as well as green cleaning solutions for businesses of all kinds.

We offer world-class commercial cleaning and janitorial services that meet a range of needs customized to your particular business, including eco-friendly cleaning and our own brand of disinfectant and sanitization technology. Our mission is to clean your business flawlessly. When it comes to breaking down mold or bacteria, we use UV-C sanitizing wands, as well as state-of-the-art vacuums fitted with HEPA filters, which will trap dust, mold, bacteria, and other elements.

Count on Stratus for high-quality and thorough commercial cleaning services so you and your team can stay safe during flu season. Contact us today to learn more information about our green cleaning solutions and disinfecting services.