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New Year, New Franchise Opportunity

Begin the new year by becoming your own boss as a franchise owner. Starting a janitorial cleaning business can be a rewarding and lucrative endeavor. But for those who want to get started with a tried and true brand, a janitorial cleaning franchise with Stratus is the way to go.

Why You Should Choose Stratus

Just a few benefits of owning a janitorial cleaning franchise with Stratus include:

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The Advantages of Becoming a Stratus Franchise Owner

More and more people are choosing to become their own boss as franchise owners. If you have the entrepreneurial bug that so many franchise owners have, choose to partner with Stratus Building Solutions. Our widely known and well-loved franchise provides high-quality commercial janitorial cleaning services to thousands of clients in North America. With our proven franchise model, you can count on us for the backing and support you need to enhance your chance at a successful business.

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How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

The need for cleaning services will always be in high demand, whether residential or commercial, so while the Covid-19 pandemic has proven problematic for other industries, now is a great time for entrepreneurs to jump into the cleaning game. 

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7 Reasons to Consider a Master Franchise Opportunity

The pandemic is causing people from many different backgrounds to consider a change in career. As businesses restructure for the new normal and large companies lay people off, entrepreneurship is looking more attractive than ever.
Stratus Building Solutions offers you a chance to take the leap to being your own boss, with the backing of a proven system that works. 
Here are seven reasons you should consider a Master Franchise opportunity today.

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The Value of Owning a Master Franchise in the Commercial Cleaning Industry

Ever since Stratus Building Solutions was founded in 2006, we have strongly believed that owning a master franchise in the commercial cleaning industry, such as with Stratus Building Solutions, was an excellent investment. We have always felt that everyone at Stratus was doing something truly worthwhile by supporting small business owners in our local towns and cities who provide essential services to businesses of all sizes.

We feel more strongly about that than ever.

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The Value of Owning a Stratus Building Solutions Commercial Cleaning Franchise Today

Long before anyone had ever heard of COVID-19 or coronavirus, we believed that investing in a Stratus Building Solutions franchise was a wise decision. Much has changed in the world in the last several months, but our convictions have been proven right. The value of owning a Stratus Building Solutions franchise has increased exponentially.

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Unit Franchise in Focus: Alvin Flanagan

Before Alvin Flanagan, of Valrico, Florida, bought his own Stratus Building Solutions franchise his life was completely different. He was in the cleaning industry, cleaning his clients’ office buildings. OK, it wasn’t that different — after all, Stratus is a leading green commercial cleaning business. For about 14 years, Flanagan was running his own custodial service that he called Cleaning 101. Obviously, he could have kept doing only that, but his wife, Leah, heard about Stratus Building Solutions, and it intrigued her.

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