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Papers with a checklist of item next to a laptop and cup of coffee

The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist 2024

Elevate your workspace with the ultimate office cleaning checklist for 2024 by Stratus Building Solutions. A clean and sanitary office environment matters for employee health, productivity, and overall workplace satisfaction. In 2024, the importance of effective office cleaning practices has never been clearer. At Stratus Building Solutions, we understand the significance of a spotless workspace.

A pristine office with white tables, chairs, monitors, and yellow partitions that has been professionally cleaned.

Unlocking the Secrets to a Pristine Office: The Art of Effective Office Cleaning

Your office is more than just a workspace; it's a reflection of your professionalism, commitment to excellence, and a haven for productivity. Maintaining a clean and organized office environment is not just about appearances; it directly impacts employee well-being, productivity, and the overall impression on clients and visitors. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into:

Clean office bathroom with clean white walls and stall doors and the Stratus logo in black

How To Clean An Office Bathroom Efficiently

Make a positive impression on employees and visitors and ensure a healthy and productive workplace with sparkling restrooms. A clean and well-maintained office bathroom reflects your company's commitment to hygiene and professionalism. However, the task of keeping your office bathroom in top condition can be quite a challenge. That's where commercial cleaning companies, like Stratus Building Solutions, come into play.

Side-by-Side Images of a Stratus Employee Vacuuming a Floor Mat and a Stratus Employee with a Spray Bottle Wiping a Desk

The Many Types of Commercial Cleaning Offered by Stratus

Stratus Building Solutions offers exceptional commercial cleaning services that go above and beyond to meet the needs of the businesses we serve. With our professional expertise and commitment to excellence, Stratus ensures a clean and healthy work environment for our clients.
Seven coworkers taking a selfie while wearing Santa hats during their holiday office party.

The Only Office Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist You Need

Let loose and unwind with friends and fellow coworkers at your annual holiday office party! Before the drinks start flowing and music starts pumping, someone has to start planning. There is a lot of prep that goes into bringing a party to life. Before you spend time decorating, you want to make sure your space is clean and welcoming with the appropriate office cleaning services.

This checklist will have you covered before the festivities begin and after they are over, so every aspect of your party goes smoothly.

Five employees in an office wearing Santa hats and giving a cheers next to balloons that say 2022

Ring in 2022 with a Trusted Office Cleaning Company

While we love a great party, we are not proposing that you invite us to actually attend your New Year’s celebration. (Although you can hire us to do the cleanup!) What we really mean is that 2022 is a new year and that means new opportunities to revamp your business.
Three Uniformed Stratus Cleaners Side by Side, One with a Spray Bottle, One with a Vacuum Attachment, One with a HEPA Wand

What Are the Three Tiers of Cleaning?

Understanding the distinctions between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy environment in your business. These three tiers of cleaning serve different purposes in terms of removing dirt, reducing germs, and preventing the spread of diseases. The level of cleaning that you will need in your office, warehouse, medical facility, or retail store will depend on the type of business that you are and the clientele that you serve.

Sanitizing Your Office Desk

5 Tips for Sanitizing Your Desk or Office

Amidst all the chaos and uncertainties of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, one of the first things to open back up is office buildings. We’ve managed to keep our homes clean and protect ourselves within comfortable environments, but many are wondering how to do this at their very own desk upon returning to work. What was once a familiar setting can now feel foreign as the pandemic rages on. This is why we have listed the top five tips for sanitizing your desk and office space.

commercial cleaning and sanitizing

Importance of Commercial Cleaning and Sanitizing

Commercial cleaning is essential to any business operating in the post-COVID-19 era. When you hire experienced professionals to clean and sanitize your environment, you make a great impression on potential customers. Learn what commercial cleaning and sanitization entail and why they are a vital part of your property maintenance.

office cleaning company with disinfecting services

It’s Time to Hire an Office Cleaning Service

It’s time to hire an office cleaning service. At some point, the threat of the coronavirus is going to pass. But the memory of this outbreak and the reality of that infectious germs are a part of everyday life, will continue to be with us.

Green office cleaning services

Office Cleaning Companies with Green Cleaning Practices Help Employee Health

If you want to keep your employees healthy and coming to work, you want to make sure your workplace uses green cleaning practices.

We probably don’t need to say why keeping your workplace free of germs, in this age of the Coronavirus and the flu. Plus, you probably don’t need much persuading that green cleaning is smart and necessary. You probably got the memo a long time ago, that the environment is important. Nobody wants dangerous chemicals seeping into the soil and eventually our waterways.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Customer Spotlight: Gary Tilley, Property Manager

It may be unfair, but we often judge people who are messy. For instance, if you’re interviewing somebody for a job interview, and they have a mustard stain on their shirt and haven’t combed their hair, you’re probably going to think they aren’t the best person for this position. For all you know, a hot dog vendor attacked your candidate just before the interview, and got mustard on his or her outfit, but you’re not likely to consider that, are you? Nope, you’re going to think, “I’m not hiring this joker.”

Unfair, but true – we form opinions when we see an unkempt mess.

Clean Snow, Ice, Dirt and Water Damage in your Business

Battle Back Against Flu Season with a Winter Deep Clean

Few people would disagree that it’s important to be clean, and if you own a business, you probably don’t need much persuading. After all, if you run an enterprise that looks like a dump, you know very well that your customers (or soon-to-be ex-customers) will give you an earful.

But keeping your business clean is especially vital during the winter. We’re in the midst of flu season, and that’s nothing to sneeze over. In fact, the flu is said to cost the country 7 billion a year in sick days and productivity.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Fall and Winter Allergies and Employee Productivity

Fall and Winter months are notoriously spent indoors for most of us. During these months, Americans spend over 90% of our time inside. Besides the spread of the typical colds, flus and “Sick Building Syndrome” that can run rampant during this time, allergies can wreak havoc on our health, well-being and productivity.

Get Flu Vaccine

Get Your Business Ready for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and Flu Season is here... What are you doing to keep your business healthy this year?

The temperatures are dropping, and the days are getting shorter. This can only mean one thing: Winter is just around the bend, and with it cold and flu season (beginning in October). If you're a business owner, cold and flu season can be a particular challenge because it's common for employees to get sick.
Eco-friendly Cleaning Service

Go Green in the Office With These Simple Steps

Eco-friendliness is on many people's minds these days, and one place where it's easy to make more environmentally friendly decisions is in the workplace. By changing up some simple daily habits and shifting routines, it's easy to help ensure your office taxes the environment as little as possible. Here are some simple steps you can take to go green at work.

Prepare Your Office for Winter

How to Prepare Your Office for Winter

Cooler weather is upon us and most of the US has had the heat on for a few weeks now. Along with spending more time warm and indoors with windows sealed, late November through December is a high travel time which exposes all of our customers and employees to new germs; which allows businesses and offices to become incubators for these pathogens to spread. Taking few key steps during the next few months can keep your business healthy and make sure you and your employees can remain productive in this already hectic time of the year!

Commercial Cleaning Service

Your Messy Desk Affects Your Professional Reputation

Adecco performed a recent survey that had some interesting findings.... some things to pay attention to if you work in an office with other people.

Bottom line: How you keep your desk influences what other people think of you.

Adecco found out:

America Recycles Day

How to Recycle in an Office

The tips are designed to help office facilities develop more effective and comprehensive recycling initiatives. With a solid recycling program, companies can reduce their carbon footprint while also saving money.

“Now we want to focus on making recycling easy and consistent,” says Doug Berjer, product manager for CFR. “Many times, office recycling programs fall apart simply because staffers find them difficult to follow or easy to forget.”

Stratus Cleaning Products

Disinfecting vs Sanitizing: Which is Stronger?

Ever wonder the difference between disinfecting and sanitizing? Stratus doesn't (because we already know), but you might!

People use these terms interchangeably, but while they are similar, the law says they have very distinct differences.

Disinfectants: products that destroy all specific test organisms and [legally] must reduce the level of pathogenic bacteria by 99.999% during a time frame greater than 5 minutes but less than 10 minutes. (U.S Environmental Protection Agency guidelines)