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The Value of Owning a Master Franchise in the Commercial Cleaning Industry

Ever since Stratus Building Solutions was founded in 2006, we have strongly believed that owning a master franchise in the commercial cleaning industry, such as with Stratus Building Solutions, was an excellent investment. We have always felt that everyone at Stratus was doing something truly worthwhile by supporting small business owners in our local towns and cities who provide essential services to businesses of all sizes.

We feel more strongly about that than ever.

Much has changed in the world over the last several surreal and stressful months, and as you can imagine, Stratus Building Solutions' master franchise owners’ workloads are more demanding than ever. If you’ve ever considered becoming a master franchisee, we think we have a compelling argument for why you should align yourself with Stratus.

2020’s Fastest Growing Industry.

 Certainly, some cleaning companies are struggling. If your clients have closed, they aren’t going to be using a cleaning service regularly. There have been a lot of cleaning companies that have been hurt by the virus. In fact, according to an April 2020 report from Marketdata LLC, industry receipts will decline by 1.6% this year, due to COVID-19 related shutdowns and lost business to a value of $117.3 billion.

That, of course, sounds troubling, and it is. But the same report goes onto say, “The recession is expected to be sharp but short-lived, with a 7.4% gain and recovery forecast for 2021, and 5.4% annual gains thereafter to 2025."

In short, businesses that want to reopen are going to need the commercial cleaning and janitorial service industry’s help to do so, and as that happens – and to some extent, it already is happening in pockets across the country – Stratus Building Solutions master and unit franchise owners are going to be busier than ever.

That, of course, is good for you as the master franchisor. If the franchises operating in your territory are fully engaged with demand – and they will be – that’s going to mean more robust revenue streams coming into your business. Not only will your current unit franchisee’s customer volume increase, but you will be selling to and supporting new owners who come on board seeing the same demand for the industry for the future.

Building Cleaning Companies are Valued More Than Ever.

Stratus Building Solutions has promoted its pro-environment message repeatedly since its founding, and while it has always been well received, it has never resonated more than now. People understand that toxic cleaning chemicals hurt all of us; They eventually make their way into the groundwater, polluting our creeks and rivers and oceans. Toxic and harsh cleaning chemicals can also make employees sick, and occasionally, worse.

We make it very clear to our clients that Stratus’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are safe to be around. Commercial cleaning enterprises that aren’t green-certified companies can’t make similar claims.

Stratus Building Solutions uses its own proprietary Green Seal Certified line of cleaning chemicals. The franchisees you support locally can use these cleaning solutions, safely and your franchisees’ customers will be better off, too.

Stratus Building Solutions’ Commercial Cleaning Franchise System is Growing.

Stratus has continually been making business publications’ lists for fastest-growing, such as Entrepreneur magazine’s list and Inc. magazine’s list. Stratus is expanding rapidly precisely because franchise owners and clients have seen the value of working with our company.

Once you become a master franchisee, you’ll find that the franchise almost sells itself to prospective franchise owners. Why? Part of that’s the current Covid-19 climate, of course, in which cleaning has become paramount to every business’s survival. But it’s also because Stratus is known for being reputable, caring and committed to offering a superior, environmentally friendly cleaning experience. That may sound like a boast, but we really do care about our master franchisors, franchisees and clients deeply. We work very hard to be a company that people can be proud to be associated with.

You’re Buying an Asset, Not a Job.

That’s the case for any master franchise no matter what the industry, of course – but it’s worth remembering. As a master franchisor, you won’t be entering office buildings and cleaning them – you’ll be in your own office making the important decisions that help franchise owners run their own commercial cleaning businesses.

You’re also helping people become business owners themselves – and, of course, you’re helping communities in your region be cleaner and safer, which has never been more important.

This is the type of office cleaning business that offers a lot of gratification.

So, is there value in being a master franchise owner in the commercial cleaning industry like Stratus Building Solutions? We think so. We believe you’ll see that in the months and years to come