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Office Disinfecting Services

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services — What to Add to Your Commercial Cleaning Service in the COVID-19 World

If your business is open, you need to be doing everything you can to keep your employees and customers safe. That means keeping your business thoroughly disinfected and sanitized.

Naturally, that can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming if you aren’t in the commercial cleaning business. If you own an accounting firm, run a school, have a doctor’s practice — whatever it is you do – you specialize in something other than cleaning. But suddenly, in order to keep doing what your business does so well, and keep employees and customers safe, business owners are being forced to become cleaning gurus.

This is why so many businesses end up teaming up with a commercial cleaning expert that specializes in COVID-19 disinfecting services to keep their offices, workspace, or retail customer space clean.

But if you are considering partnering with a commercial janitorial service, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

The virus isn’t going anywhere. In other words, you want a company that is really experienced and can disinfect and sanitize fast and efficiently — and will be around for you for the long haul. This isn’t the time to take a chance on a fly-by-night operation, a startup, or a couple of guys with a mop and a truck.

And the fact that the virus appears to be on the threat horizon for a while makes it all the more important that you not only have a great commercial cleaning service, but also that you hire one in the first place.

After all, the longer the virus continues, the more likely it is you or your staff will let down your guard and slow down on all the necessary sanitizing and disinfecting. A cleaning partner like Stratus Building Solutions, which was founded in 2006 and is an international franchise company, isn’t going to let its guard down. Our entire organization lives and breathes cleaning.

You want a service that specializes in eco-friendly cleaning. That may sound self-serving since Stratus Building Solutions is a commercial green cleaning service. But, really, whatever janitorial service you use, it should be a green cleaner. And it needs to be certified. All cleaning services will say that they’re environmentally friendly, but wanting to be eco-friendly doesn’t mean much if you haven’t been trained and certified to do no harm to the environment.

After all, if you’re cleaning more than ever, you want the cleaning products you use in the workspace to be safe. Many cleaning chemicals are carcinogenic, and plenty are toxic and harsh on one’s body. You don’t want to find yourself in a workspace that’s giving you headaches — because you and your employees are overwhelmed with cleaning solutions that are slowly making you and your staff sick.

You want a business that pays attention to detail. It isn’t enough to empty garbage cans and sweep the floors, though that’s a good start. Spraying down a few countertops obviously isn’t going to do much to prevent COVID-19 or a host of other viruses.

Is your custodial staff cleaning the doorknob on the inside of the employee bathrooms? It's one thing everyone touches. What about the soap dispenser? That handle is being touched before people wash their hands. Office bathrooms that look clean are never as clean as you would think.

Are you sanitizing light switches and office doorknobs? Do you have the right cleaning tools, such as electric or electrostatic sprayers to disperse disinfectant chemicals throughout the office? Do you have a UVC sanitizing wand? That’s a cutting-edge tool that emits a chemical-free, odorless UV-C light to destroy viruses, mold, bacteria, and dust mites. How does it do that? It reaches the dust mites’ membranes and dismantles their reproductive capabilities.

Stratus has all of that and more.

You want a business that cares about cleaning — even more than you do. Well, not that it’s a competition, but everyone at Stratus Building Solutions really does love to clean. Not a lot of people can say that, of course, but we have always seen our mission as one to keep people safe from germs. In a world with influenza, Ebola, and the common cold, we’ve been thinking about the link between cleanliness and health long before the pandemic. We also feel deeply that chemicals solutions really should be a solution — they should clean a work environment without making people sick or without seeping into groundwater and threatening animals and humans alike.

So if you’re looking for a COVID-19 disinfecting services partner, we hope you’ll consider teaming up with Stratus Building Solutions and request a free estimate. Our door will always be open. We want to help you be able to keep yours open as well.