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2021 Office Cleaning Checklist

How To Tell If My Workplace Is Clean?

The remote workdays are slowly coming to an end and it’s time to adjust back into the office. Stratus Building Solutions understands that having a safe, healthy work environment is a necessity in today’s world.  As experts in the commercial cleaning industry, we came up with a few things to look out for when re-entering your workplace to make sure things are up to the current CDC cleaning recommendations: 

Surfaces To Clean And Disinfect In An Office

Walking up to your workplace for the first time in a while can be a little nerve-racking and scary. As you approach the entrance here are some key things you should look out for:

  • Windows:  They are the first impression when looking at a building. You do not want to see any smudges, streaks, or handprints. If you see any of this on the windows, you may want to remain alert while inside. 
  • Doorknobs: Were so used to just reaching out nonchalantly to open a door, not even taking a real glance at the knob. A doorknob is one of the most touched items in a building! Taking a second to look and make sure it's free of dirt and grime buildup is a good indication that your company is off to a good start. 

Now we made it inside! Here are some key things to look out for while inside:

  • Sunlight: Yes sunlight. Sunlight through windows can illuminate floating dust particles which can allude to indoor air quality concerns. You want to make sure your office has good ventilation.
  • Floor: Looking at the floor is a good telling sign if the facility is being cleaned every day, especially if you go to the office in the morning. You should be able to tell easily if the floors have been vacuumed or mopped before business hours. 
  • Trash cans: While walking to your desk, take a look at the trash cans and see if they are empty. Taking out waste should be removed daily.
  • Hand sanitizer: Take a look around and see if there are hand sanitizer dispensers set up across the building. 
  • Your desk: Finally made it to your desk. Now is your computer screen clean or dusty? The same goes for the keyboard, mouse, and the whole desk itself.
  • Restrooms: This area is really important to maintain as it sees a lot of high-foot traffic. Look to see if the toilets are clean and stocked with toilet paper and seat covers. Once at the sink, make sure the sink itself is clean and plenty of soap nearby. Lastly, see how well-stocked the towels are and when leaving look for a hand sanitizer station nearby.  

The pandemic has altered the way many people view cleanliness, as cleaning expectations are now higher than before. It’s okay to ask your boss or supervisor what steps are taken to help stop the spread of germs. Recommend a professional cleaning service if your company does not already have one. Stratus Building Solutions is the leader in green cleaning providing services to over 10,000 customers. Simply contact a location near you for a free consultation.