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Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

As the nation shifts into reopening from the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns, many of us may be wondering, “Is my workplace clean?”, “Is it safe?” Going back to the office or any public location can be a scary time after fighting a year-long pandemic. As the time is coming closer to officially move back into the office, the opening of gyms, and or going back to campus. It's important to make sure our environment is disinfected and free of germs.

How Often Should a Workplace be Professionally Cleaned?

It’s no secret that high-traffic areas such as lobbies, bathrooms, desks, and door handles need to be cleaned regularly. But how often should a professional commercial cleaning crew clean and disinfect the workplace to keep you and others safe? Especially in the midst of fighting a pandemic, Stratus Building Solutions suggests having your workplace professionally deep cleaned once a month minimum, but it really depends on how busy your facility is. For example, medical and or facilities with children, it is recommended there should be a cleaning service every operating day; or if you operate a building with multiple tenants, 5 days a week is suggested. While germs love to play hide and seek, there are times we must call in the professionals to find all the hiding germs and disinfect thoroughly. 

Is it Best to Disinfect Before Working Hours or After Working Hours?

There is no “best” hour to disinfect the workplace. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration such as type of facility, hours of operation, is there constantly high foot traffic, and much more. Routinely cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic areas throughout operating hours is important to maintain a healthy clean environment. However, when hiring a professional cleaning crew it may be helpful for the crew to have easy access to each room in the facility. This often makes after-hours disinfecting a better choice, as it gives the cleaning crew access to areas such as private offices, restrooms, and conference halls. However, if you prefer before hours, Stratus Building Solutions franchisees use Green Seal Certified products with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to ensure safety for the staff and your workplace. Meaning anyone can be in the facility during or right after the as the green chemicals leave no harmful vapors. If you are an employee it is always okay to ask what necessary steps are being taken to ensure your health and safety. 

How Can I Help Keep Myself and Others Safe?

You can always help fight the germs by keeping your surroundings clean as possible by simply wiping down your high-touch areas, wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance between you and others. With businesses and schools reopening in many places it's extremely important to make sure everyone feels safe and secure while in the workplace or in a public facility. Remember there are certain cleaning supplies for certain surfaces.  

Following the procedures suggested by the Center for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC) will help maintain a healthy environment in your workplace. The CDC has many cleaning and disinfecting procedures and recommendations to help keep your facility clean. It is important to realize all the small details to ensure the safety for yourself and others. 

If you are looking for a janitorial company that help you with all your commercial cleaning and disinfecting needs to help you get back to normal, Stratus Building Solutions operates in over 57 metro areas across the US and Canada. Contact us today for a free quote!