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A government building with lots of windows that have been cleaned

The Unique Challenges of Government Building Cleaning

Government buildings stand as symbols of authority, governance, and civic pride. As the face of public administration, the cleanliness and presentation of these structures hold immense significance. Ensuring that government buildings are clean and well-maintained is a reflection of commitment to public service, transparency, and community well-being.

Government buildings come with their own set of challenges:

cleaning gloves

3 Benefits of Recurring Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning services that are nonexistent or only once-in-a-while simply do not cut it. Your business deserves services that occur daily, weekly, and/or monthly. The immediate and long-term benefits are undeniable.

disinfecting by hand

Why is Office Cleaning and Sanitizing by Hand a Preferred Method?

With the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and relaxing government restrictions on in-person gatherings, many of us are returning to workplaces we haven’t seen in months. It’s important to adopt or update our cleaning practices to keep ourselves and our coworkers safe and healthy. Luckily, some of the most effective cleaning methods don’t call for high-tech equipment, just a little elbow grease.

Tips for Cleaning and Sanitizing and Office

Tips For Cleaning and Sanitizing An Office

Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows how tough it can be to maintain a truly clean workspace without help from professionals. While we all learned a bit more about how to properly clean and sanitize amidst a global pandemic, there are still some gaps to fill in. Here are some common pitfalls that a professional cleaning company can help you avoid.

2021 Office Cleaning Checklist

How To Tell If My Workplace Is Clean?

The remote workdays are slowly coming to an end and it’s time to adjust back into the office. Stratus Building Solutions understands that having a safe, healthy work environment is a necessity in today’s world.  As experts in the commercial cleaning industry, we came up with a few things to look out for when re-entering your workplace to make sure things are up to the current CDC cleaning recommendations: 

Commercial Cleaning Company

Why Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company in 2021

Effectively and thoroughly cleaning your workspace can be an overwhelming task. Commercial cleaners offer a range of advantages to business owners and their employees. Here are some reasons why it’s a job best left to the experts. 

 Janitorial Services Are Cost Effective.

Janitorial Company

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

As the nation shifts into reopening from the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns, many of us may be wondering, “Is my workplace clean?”, “Is it safe?” Going back to the office or any public location can be a scary time after fighting a year-long pandemic. As the time is coming closer to officially move back into the office, the opening of gyms, and or going back to campus. It's important to make sure our environment is disinfected and free of germs.