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Your Messy Desk Affects Your Professional Reputation

Adecco performed a recent survey that had some interesting findings.... some things to pay attention to if you work in an office with other people.

Bottom line: How you keep your desk influences what other people think of you.

Adecco found out:

-- 57% of Americans have judged coworkers on how clean or dirty they keep their work spaces
-- 42%of Americans have judged a coworker more negatively if his workspace is dirty 
-- 45% have judged coworkers more positively if their work spaces are clean
-- 42% of Americans think a dirty work space is a result of employees simply being too busy, but
-- 33% think messy employees are lazy employees
-- 73% of Americans think people are most productive when their work spaces are clean

Despite what your coworkers think, your boss can have these misinterpretations, as well. Don't be judged by your stuff, keep a tidy workspace and be judged on your abilities instead.