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Master Franchise

What Is A Master Franchise?

A Master Franchise serves as the regional sales and support office that oversees its own sub-franchisees of a brand. Master Franchises represent the company in regional territories and operate as a localized franchisor. 

How Does A Master Franchise Work?

A Master Franchise is when an experienced business professional wants to invest and optimize on the benefits of being a franchisor with an already well-established franchise brand in a particular territory. The Master Franchise utilizes the corporate company’s brand standards and practices to sell and support sub-franchisees in their local market. When you are a Master Franchise, you are the CEO of your own franchise company while simultaneously benefiting from an already well-established business model, support, and brand recognition.

Owning a Stratus Master Franchise:

  • Regional CEO: Expand your business through opening sub-franchisees.
  • Royalties: Collected from monthly service contracts.
  • Exclusive Territory: You own your region, with no internal competition. 
  • Scalable Model: From $100k-$500k+ a month, no unnecessary staffing expansion or overhead. 

Why A Master Franchise With Stratus?

When you invest in a Stratus Building Solutions Master Franchise you are additionally investing in your future. The commercial cleaning industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. Investing in a commercial cleaning Master Franchise with Stratus results in a limitless source of new clients as businesses and buildings are always opening or outsourcing and in need of proper cleaning. Additionally, you receive multiple benefits such as support and training on our products, vendors, marketing, and lead generation from our Corporate office.

How much is a Master Franchise with Stratus? 

We suggest investing in a Master Franchise in a region with a population of 500,000 minimum in order to maximize the opportunity for success. Here at Stratus Building Solutions, the Master Franchise fees start at $75,000 with available financing. Inclusive of the franchise fee, $100,000 in working capital is suggested. 

Stratus is ranked #3 as the fastest-growing franchise, cleaning over 13,000 businesses in 2020, and our sub-franchisees serviced over 10,000 customers! Stratus has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine for five consecutive years. Join an award-winning franchise company! Contact us today at (888) 981-1555.