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The Value of Owning a Stratus Building Solutions Commercial Cleaning Franchise Today

Long before anyone had ever heard of COVID-19 or coronavirus, we believed that investing in a Stratus Building Solutions franchise was a wise decision. Much has changed in the world in the last several months, but our convictions have been proven right. The value of owning a Stratus Building Solutions franchise has increased exponentially.

We suspect most people interested in becoming a Stratus Building Solutions franchise owner won’t need much convincing, with it being more than obvious that commercial cleaning has a lot of benefits to society. Still, if you are considering becoming a Stratus business franchise owner and don’t

Commercial cleaning is valued more than ever. Even if the pandemic is brought under control in the next few months — and we all fervently hope it is — it seems likely that no business owner will ever again question the necessity of having their property cleaned on a regular basis.

The COVID-19 crisis has hurt some commercial cleaning businesses, including some Stratus franchises — because if your clients are closed, you aren’t going to be cleaning much for them. That said, in general, the cleaning industry is doing well and has a lot of promise. We see a lot more upside in the future than downsides.

That’s because while some of Stratus Building Solutions franchises have had clients put a pause on cleaning, they’re also gaining new ones — and lining up a lot of future work with both existing and new clients that will soon be opening.

Unless a business has its own full-time custodial staff, it needs a cleaning partner like Stratus. Additionally, some businesses that do have janitorial staff nevertheless use Stratus for deep-cleaning work.

It’s a very busy time, and many Stratus Building Solutions franchise owners are practically working around the clock, and it’s only going to become busier. According to an April 2020 report from Marketdata LLC, “More facilities will need to be ‘deep cleaned’ in the aftermath of the virus and building managers will probably increase the frequency of cleaning to prevent future outbreaks.”

A commercial cleaning franchise brand that continually making investments in its technology. Your customers are looking for disinfecting services that combat the coronavirus, or COVID-19. Fortunately, Stratus Building Solutions franchise owners have access to the newest state-of-the-art professional disinfecting equipment. Utilizing hospital-grade chemicals, Stratus franchise owners and their employees work with electric and electrostatic tools and high-touchpoint wipe down and deep-cleaning disinfecting products.

You’ll wield weapons like the ProKure1, which provides sanitation and deodorizing and uses a patented chlorine dioxide (ClO2) system.

In other words, this is not a business that has disinfecting services for COVID-19 in which your primary cleaning tool will be a mop. You’ll have a mop in your cleaning arsenal, sure, but you’re going to also be fully equipped with everything from gloves and protective eyewear, shoe covers, microfiber towels, and the best cleaning equipment and disinfectants in the industry.

A cleaning franchise company that specializes in environmentally friendly cleaning. This is an important selling point that we often stress to our franchise owners, and they, in turn, push the message to their clients. It does nobody any good to kill germs, whether related to the coronavirus or the flu, only to then make people sick from the toxic cleaning chemicals that they’re breathing in.

Cleaning chemicals that slowly poison people really shouldn’t be considered cleaning chemicals.

Stratus Building Solutions uses its own proprietary Green Seal Certified line of cleaning chemicals. You can work every day with these cleaning solutions, safely — and they won’t hurt the environment either. All cleaning chemicals eventually wind up in the groundwater, reaching our creeks and rivers and oceans. Stratus Building Solutions’ cleaning chemicals won’t poison the Earth, a feature that seems more important today than ever.

This is an office cleaning franchise that actively helps you grow your business. Stratus Building Solutions provides you with the training you need to clean properly, but it remains your franchise partner long after you’ve mastered how to use equipment such as an electrostatic sprayer. Stratus will handle your administrative work for you — chasing down leads, marketing, scheduling, and even doing customer service tasks, like checking in and making sure your clients are happy.

In return, that should make you very happy.

So, is there value in owning a Stratus Building Solutions? We think so. We think more than ever there is great worth in owning an eco-friendly commercial cleaning franchise, and oddly and unfortunately enough, it took a global pandemic to make that argument more strongly than we ever could have on our own.