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Tips for Cleaning and Sanitizing and Office

Tips For Cleaning and Sanitizing An Office

Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows how tough it can be to maintain a truly clean workspace without help from professionals. While we all learned a bit more about how to properly clean and sanitize amidst a global pandemic, there are still some gaps to fill in. Here are some common pitfalls that a professional cleaning company can help you avoid.

How to choose the right cleaning products?

Whether pressed for time or resources, we often take a one-product-fits-all approach, which can end up damaging equipment, dilute a disinfection product’s efficacy, or even create a toxic atmosphere. 

A nice habit to form when cleaning and sanitizing is: Read the labels. A product that serves as an effective disinfectant on desktops and door handles may be no match for restrooms or kitchen appliances. Using the wrong cleaning products on the wrong surfaces can cause damage to sensitive surfaces and may leave streaks and stains on others.

Should I Use Green Cleaning Products? 

Eco-friendly cleaning has become well known in many people’s lives. Although many cleaning products are advertised as green ingredients and sustainable resourcing, sometimes the fine print doesn’t live up to the label. Stratus Building Solutions is the #1 leader in green cleaning services. Our Franchisees clean facilities with low VOC products reducing any harmful odors, leading to cleaner indoor air pollution. Cleaning over 13,000 businesses in 2020.

Quality Cleaning Equipment VS Traditional Cleaning Equipment.

Ensuring that your office is completely dust-, microbe- and pathogen-free can be an insurmountable task for most office associates. Using older or traditional low-quality vacuum filters will spew dust back into the air, making it difficult to trap most of the particles freely floating through the environment. A commercial cleaning company will use highly powerful and eco-friendly dust cleaning solutions to keep your office clean and healthy. 

Another common mistake is the use of repurposed cloths to clean surfaces. A dirty piece of cloth will only move dust from one place to another. If you insist on cleaning your own office, we suggest you change out your tools and cleaning appliances regularly.

Stratus Franchisees are fully trained and equipped professionals ready to turn your facility into a clean, healthy workplace. Simply contact a Stratus location near you for a free consultation.