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The Three Tiers of Cleaning

Depending on the type of business and level of need, there are three levels of “clean” to be aware of when it comes to keeping your workspace safe and healthy: CLEAN, SANITIZE, and DISINFECT.

 A simple rule of thumb to keep in mind:

  • CLEANING: Remove clutter, dust, crumbs, and other detritus.
  • SANITIZING: Reduce germs and decrease the opportunity for microbes to gather by providing antibacterial solutions.
  • DISINFECT: Destroy germs on contact by eradicating them where they live and inhibiting their spread at the source. EPA-approved disinfectants are the only products qualified to kill both viruses and bacteria, whereas sanitizers can only claim effectiveness on bacteria alone.

How Often Should I Clean My Business?

Some businesses require a higher level of sanitization, while others with less foot traffic can rely on a dust-free and tidy appearance to conduct business effectively. The level of interaction and foot traffic your business experiences should dictate the attention you pay toward the cleaning process. However, all businesses should be performing traditional cleaning tasks daily. Stratus Franchisees offer a variety of affordable services such as janitorial services and day porter services to help your business check off the three levels of clean. Our Unit-Franchisees will even help create the right cleaning schedule for your business to assure it’s remaining clean and germ-free. 

Should I Hire A Professional Cleaning Company?

In a day and age when workplace health and safety are at the forefront of our priorities, it is often best to rely on a commercial cleaning company to tackle the specific needs of a workplace. For 15 years, Stratus Building Solutions has been attending to the needs and specifications of a broad range of businesses across the United States, providing expert advice and service that allows you to focus on your work while we take care of keeping you, your staff, and customers safe and healthy.

Stratus Franchisees have helped 10,000+ customers and disinfected 13,000+ businesses in 2020. Contact a location near you and receive a free consultation. 

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