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How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

The need for cleaning services will always be in high demand, whether residential or commercial, so while the Covid-19 pandemic has proven problematic for other industries, now is a great time for entrepreneurs to jump into the cleaning game. 

Create a Cleaning Business Plan

Whether you intend to open an independent business or to buy a franchise, a clear and informed business plan will lay out your mission and objectives to help you stay on target towards your goals.

Your business plan should describe your business, the service or product it provides, the target market it serves, and initial financial requirements and objectives. Your plan should also highlight your mission. 

A major key to your success will lie in your ability to execute your plan. So be realistic and do the research. The more you know about what you need in terms of financial support, employees, products, marketing, and location, the better positioned you will be to start strong and steadily grow your business.

Get Licensed and Insured

Check with officials in your area to determine the licensure requirements for your business. Establish a DBA (doing business as) name. 

Business insurance is a necessity for any commercial cleaning operation. Because you will be entrusted with servicing other people’s spaces, you want to make sure you are covered. Insurance will protect you against any unforeseen accidents or other expenses that you would otherwise be responsible for. General liability insurance will cover a range of items and is a good place to start. 

Have the Right Tools

Depending on the nature of your business, you will need to invest in a range of products and tools to best provide your services. You can start with the essentials, and then expand your arsenal depending on the type of businesses you are tending to. 

Aside from the basics, it’s a good idea to invest in a couple of cutting-edge items that your competitors may not offer, such as green technologies.

Marketing Your Cleaning Business

The success of a business in any sector depends upon how well you are able to connect with your customers. Between paid ads, word-of-mouth, and an online presence, targeted marketing strategies are essential to growing your brand. Some things to consider when planning your marketing approach:

-Highlight what sets you apart from the competition

-Envision your target audience

-Cross-promote with other complementary businesses

-Make your website user-friendly

-Focus on building long-term relationships

-Provide unmatched services

Consider Franchising 

A big misconception about buying into a franchise is that you are merely purchasing the use of a brand’s name. While you will benefit from the well-established reputation of a brand, with Stratus Building Solutions you will get so much more.

For new and experienced entrepreneurs venturing into the commercial cleaning business, Stratus provides the training, marketing, and operational support to set you on a course for success. As an industry leader in green clean technology, Stratus offers prospective franchisees the perfect opportunity to join a burgeoning market. 

Stratus is proud to offer Master and Unit Franchise opportunities to franchisees who would like to build upon their success within exclusive territories, allowing for unlimited growth potential. Master Franchisees act as sales and support centers for Unit Franchisees who serve as customer-facing cleaning service operators. 

To learn more about how Stratus Building Solutions may be right for you, find a support office near you!