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Prepare Your Office for Winter

How to Prepare Your Office for Winter

Cooler weather is upon us and most of the US has had the heat on for a few weeks now. Along with spending more time warm and indoors with windows sealed, late November through December is a high travel time which exposes all of our customers and employees to new germs; which allows businesses and offices to become incubators for these pathogens to spread. Taking few key steps during the next few months can keep your business healthy and make sure you and your employees can remain productive in this already hectic time of the year!

1. Open a window. Any chance you get, weather of course permitting – optimally 55 degrees or above, take the opportunity to open up a few windows across the office for 15-20 minutes. Circulating fresh air throughout the building will help rid of any airborne pathogens or toxins that may be lingering. It also helps your heater intake take in fresher air (once the windows are closed of course) which help circulate it throughout the building and ventilation. Indoor air is known to have significantly more toxins than outdoor, even in cities, so opening the window can help heal your immune system along with preventing the spread of illness.

2. Put down a rug. Colder weather usually brings wetter weather. Putting down a heavy duty rug in all entrances can not only prevent slipping accidents, but also the spread of mud, debris and water across business flooring which can contain molds and germs which affect air quality. Also, if your business caters to young children like a toy store or daycare school, there is no doubt they are willing to pick up anything off the floor, so it is best to make sure it preventative measures are taken!

3. Up your janitorial services. In warmer, drier weather you may be ok cutting back on the number of janitorial services your business gets per week, mostly thanks to healthier customers and employees based on increased outdoor activity. Unfortunately, it is not the same case in cooler temperatures. As mentioned above, increased travel and limited outdoor exposure/fresh air allows offices and businesses to become incubators for germs. Upping your services by 50% is recommended (example once to twice a week), but if that is not possible – assigning an opening/closing task to wipe down all handles (doors, cabinets, sinks…) can help limit the risk of the spread of germs. (Don't have a janitorial service yet or looking to up your current, visit our Contact page for all of our locations and schedule a free quote today!)

4. Change your filters. Many of us fail to remember to change our HVAC filters in our homes, so it is no doubt we also fail to do so in our businesses. Making it a routine every time the seasons change (at least winter and summer) to change your filters will help improve the air quality and circulation no matter what the temperature.