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Customer Spotlight: Torah Day School of Dallas

Every one of our clients is important, but we feel an extra sense of responsibility when we provide janitorial services for school facilities. After all, the students are putting in their best effort and so should we. That’s why we were thrilled when Rabbi Deon Nathan, the CFO and COO at the Torah Day School of Dallas, had so much generous praise about Stratus Building Solutions.

Rabbi Nathan has been using Stratus for Torah Day School of Dallas’ commercial cleaning services for almost a year (since September of 2018). He felt the previous commercial cleaning company had become complacent and decided he needed to find a new, higher-quality cleaning service.

“Our previous provider was not very responsive to our needs and was not very good at communicating,” Rabbi Nathan says.

But even worse, the company’s cleaning methods were “sloppy.” Rabbi Nathan started comparison shopping for commercial cleaning companies, and that’s when he came across Stratus. He liked the contract’s terms and particularly appreciated how quickly the company got back to him with the answers to the questions he had.

“Stratus was very responsive, and I was impressed by their answers and attention to our specific needs,” he says.

We are happy to report that quality of service and attention to detail has continued since Rabbi Nathan hired Stratus to take over janitorial services for the school’s facilities. He says that he has been able to communicate with the local franchise owner very easily and is satisfied with the quality of work. Keeping the lines of communication open seems like a simple task, but for many companies who are stretched too thin it can be a challenge. Fortunately, Stratus Building Solutions is known for being easy to communicate with.

Beyond the open lines of communication, Rabbi Nathan is happy with the quality of work Stratus has provided. He was particularly impressed when Stratus bought a machine to help clean the floors quicker.

“It’s not often you see a company go out of their way to make your experience better through actual investments,” he says. “It’s very obvious to me that Stratus is invested in our school, and I really appreciate that. I can tell from the quality of the work that the cleaners from Stratus are putting in a lot of effort to make our school as clean as possible.”

Of course, we love hearing this, and appreciate Rabbi Nathan saying that he would recommend Stratus to other businesses. So naturally, wanted to hear more. We know why cleaning is so important for schools, but we asked Rabbi Nathan why it’s a chief concern for him.

“We have hundreds of kids in the building,” he says. Adding that cleaning is an education and safety issue: “We have to have a clean environment in which the kids can learn. Kids also come with a lot of germs, so we can cut down on sickness with effective cleaning. We want the school to mold and shape wonderful, great children into someday being wonderful, great adults. That would be much harder if they weren’t in a clean, respectful environment. We want to teach children to respect themselves and their environment and that starts with cleanliness.”

That makes perfect sense to us. Every student deserves a clean school, and when you have unkempt hallways, dirty floors, and cobwebbed classrooms, it can send an unintended message to children that their education isn’t valued. The Torah Day School of Dallas, however, cares very much. And we do, too.