One cleaning company owner told us that while many places are shut down, they remain extremely busy.

By Ali Weatherton (13News Now)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Cleaning companies are seeing an influx of calls. Stratus Building Solutions is a company that cleans office buildings across the country. Cleaning crews said they are extremely busy disinfecting workspaces. 

“We are going into retail stores. We are going into auto dealerships, gas stations, things like that,” said Michael Thompson, who owns the Virginia Beach location.

Thompson said while many places are shut down, they remain extremely busy.

“With the COVID-19 hit, we have switched gears a little bit,” he explained. “We are doing a lot more office disinfections than anything else!”

Cleaning crews are using special equipment, including an ultraviolet wand and electrostatic sprayers to kill bacteria. 

For those wondering how to clean at home, Thompson said before you open your cabinet and grab your supplies, make sure to check the label on the cleaning supplies you plan to use.

“Look at the labels on your disinfectants. A lot of folks know that Lysol kills germs but a lot of people don’t know that most household-grade disinfectants take about 10 minutes to work,” he said.

Thompson said to use one rag for one area because that is the easiest way to stop germs from spreading. Make sure you go in one direction. He also said fold the cloth each time to a clean side to stop the spread of germs.

“We use a color-coding system that we use. All of our towels have certain colors that we use for certain areas. We use the red one for the bathroom,” he said.

For people who are still working at an office, Thompson said it’s important to make sure you clean off your desk before you leave for the day so the cleaning staff can properly disinfect your space.