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Professional Hard Floor Cleaning in Antioch, TN

Hard surface flooring is popular with businesses for good reason. It makes a great impression on guests and clients, it holds up well to heavy foot traffic, and it is relatively easy to maintain over the years. However, these floors do require some special care to maintain their beauty.

Rely on Stratus Building Solutions of Nashville for professional hard floor cleaning in Antioch, TN. With our skilled team and effective equipment, we’ll have all your hard surfaces shining in no time.

Why Routine Carpet Cleaning Matters

Granite, marble, concrete, and vinyl all last for a very long time -- with the right care. Even the toughest flooring will become damaged eventually if you don’t follow a routine maintenance schedule. From dirty shoes tracking in debris to heavy furniture legs leaving scratches, there are many things that can diminish the beauty and structural integrity of your floor. Discuss your flooring with our experts to determine your maintenance needs.

Likewise, commercial floor cleaning must occur regularly. Don’t let a smudged or stained floor detract from your business’s image. Our thorough janitors work hard to ensure your floors always send the right message about your company. Talk to our team to determine how often your hard flooring should be cleaning -- and by which methods.

Floor Stripping, Waxing, and Finishing 

Hardwood and tile floors come with special needs. For example, hardwood floor stripping is necessary to ward off stains, deflect minor damage, and prolong the floor life overall. We take care to completely remove the wood planks’ old finish so that the new coat is as effective as possible. After stripping, we also add a polymer-based finish to make future maintenance easier.

Likewise, we wax and finish tile floors to remove small imperfections and add additional protection against staining and damage. When we’re done, your floor looks like-new again. Find out how often you should strip, wax, or finish your surfaces by consulting with us.

Carpet Cleaning Also Available

Not every business has hard floors -- some choose carpet instead. To meet all of your needs, we also provide professional carpet cleaning for all industries. Whether your building is an office, a preschool, or something different entirely, you can depend on us for routine vacuuming, stain removal, and deep cleaning. Reach out to our company today to request a commercial floor cleaning consultation for your carpeting or hard surfaces.

Contact us to schedule cleaning or maintenance for your hard floors. We’re proud to serve businesses throughout Antioch and Nashville, Tennessee, as well as the surrounding areas.

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