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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Jacksonville

From tracked-in dirt and mud to spills and other messes, carpets endure a lot of abuse. Every day as people come and go, dust, food, soils, and even bacteria get deeply embedded into the carpet. These contaminants can attack the texture and wear it down over time, shortening how long your carpets last.

Stratus Building Solutions provides top-notch commercial carpet cleaning services in Jacksonville that not only get your carpets clean, but also help to lengthen their lifespan. Our commercial cleaning company is proud to offer three levels of carpet cleaning services:

Prolonging the Visual Appeal of Your Carpets

Through our routine carpet maintenance services, we perform daily cleaning procedures to rid your carpet of contaminants, prevent damage, and preserve its original appearance. Our daily maintenance program includes:

  • Soil and spot prevention: To keep your carpets safe from dirt and blemishes, we employ regular sweeping, well-placed walk-off mats at all relevant walkways, and a repellant to ward off soils and stains.
  • Vacuum cleaning: Daily vacuuming keeps carpets that are in heavy traffic lanes clean and free of debris.
  • Daily spot removal: Prompt, daily treatment of everyday dirt and other marks ensures they do not become permanent stains.

Professional Care for Commercial Carpeting 

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning are essential to keeping your carpets looking great, but periodically a more thorough cleaning is needed. With our interim carpet cleaning services, we will provide:

  • Bonnet cleaning: By using a rotary floor machine and yarn bonnet in combination with the right cleaner, we can loosen dirt trapped in the upper carpet fibers.
  • Carpet shampooing: Utilizing shampoo equipment, we are able to effectively mix an efficient, high-foaming cleaning solution with agitation, allowing us to detach and raise soils for easy extraction through dry vacuuming.

Restorative Carpet Cleaning Services

Do you need to restore areas impacted by excessive traffic, or do you have soils and residue left over from other cleaning efforts? Our specialized restorative carpet cleaning can help! This program includes:

  • Extraction cleaning: Through the use of hot water, non-foaming cleaning solutions are injected into the carpet and then quickly removed with a highly effective vacuum, bringing with them dirt and other soil particles.
  • Special treatments: These procedures include odor-masking treatments, protective solutions, and other specialized applications.

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Our commercial cleaning company specializes in efficient, sustainable carpet cleaning services for businesses. Reach out to us today for more information about our range of cleaning services that includes carpets, office cleaning, pressure washing, hard floor care, and more.

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