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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Jacksonville

Stratus Building Solutions is a janitorial company that keeps office environments sanitary and sparkling for commercial customers. When it’s time for your facility to receive a cost-effective and thorough cleaning, call our team. Our highly trained janitors come to your location to take care of all of your building’s surfaces, including your carpeting. As the preferred commercial carpet cleaner in Jacksonville, we bring unrivaled attention to detail and proven methods to every job.

Carpets are popular because they improve the look and comfort of indoor spaces. But, over time, they sustain a lot of wear and tear from foot traffic and spills. Without routine cleanings, carpet fibers accumulate potentially harmful microbes. Our janitorial services eliminate bacteria, stains, and soil for a more attractive and safeer environment.

Prolonging the Visual Appeal of Your Carpets

It pays to let our team of floor care experts help you protect the investment you’ve made in your office’s flooring. Our comprehensive services are the reliable solution for total carpet care. We not only eliminate pollutants and allergens from your carpet. We also increase its lifespan by removing threatening soils from the fibers.

As your commercial floor cleaner, we make sure your carpet retains its attractive appearance for as long as possible. Call us for a free estimate on our commercial carpet cleaning. When we are under regular contract, our janitors perform floor care daily to preserve the cleanliness of your space.

Professional Care for Commercial Carpeting 

Our daily service includes vacuuming, removing spots, and applying soil and stain repellent, which are performed by dependable janitorial professionals. Additionally, we will from time to time conduct bonnet cleaning with a rotary floor machine and high-foaming shampoo. These measures rid the fibers of soil and contaminants for deeper cleaning.

Perhaps you have an especially soiled area of carpeting that calls for a more aggressive approach. Our restorative cleanings are the solution for you. High-traffic carpets that have not been shampooed recently are perfect candidates for our extraction cleaning. This highly effective treatment combines hot water, non-foaming shampoo, and vacuuming to produce noticeable results. Whenever necessary, we also use odor counteractants and protective compounds on commercial carpets.

Don’t allow soiled carpets to spoil the appearance of your workspace and expose your team to bacteria--let our company send you an expert commercial carpet cleaner in Jacksonville.

Contact us for commercial carpet cleaning. Our janitors serve businesses in Jacksonville.

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