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Cleaning Franchise 2021

Why invest in a commercial cleaning franchise in 2021?

2020 put commercial cleaning businesses in the spotlight. What did we learn from a year in the pandemic and how valuable will these companies be moving forward?

In 2020, the need for commercial cleaning services was higher than ever before, and franchises that were able to adapt and meet the new challenges presented by a worldwide pandemic saw much growth. Looking ahead, investors may now be wondering: How valuable will these companies be in the future?

An Indespensible Service

Cleaning is and always will be an essential service. Even amidst the shutdowns and lost business brought on by COVID-19, the commercial cleaning industry is still valued at over $63 billion, providing jobs for millions of workers worldwide. As long as there are offices, restaurants, hospitals, and other locations where business is conducted, the world will always need cleaners. Most businesses outsource their cleaning needs, making a cleaning franchise one of the most sought-after service providers across a broad range of sectors. With a commercial cleaning franchise, you can expect a certain level of stability. The customers you will be providing services for need you to help keep their businesses running. 

Hit the Ground Running

Starting your own business can be incredibly challenging and unpredictable. When you invest in a franchise, you get to skip a lot of the legwork and headaches you would encounter by going it alone. A franchise will provide you invaluable guidance along the path to open your business.

When you purchase a franchise, a portion of your investment goes toward your training and support. Rather than spending years developing your company from scratch through trial and error, purchasing a franchise ensures that you start strong with a brand that can share with you their proven methods for success.

Backed by Reputation

It can take new business owners years to make a name for themselves and develop a customer base, but franchising with a company like Stratus Building Solutions ensures that you start strong with the stellar reputation of a trusted brand that’s been providing top quality services since 2006. As the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise, Stratus was recently ranked in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500, recognized as a brand dedicated to growth, innovation, and franchisee success.

No Previous Experience Required

At Stratus Building Solutions, all new franchisees and their teams are fully trained on all Stratus cleaning methods, tools, and technology so that they can confidently provide the best cleaning services possible. Once initial training is complete, ongoing support is available in various forms, including development and sales consulting, marketing initiatives, preferred vendor assistance, and more. 

Growing Green

Green cleaning has become an integral part of the janitorial portfolio for major vendors, thereby offering an add-on advantage to them. The inclusion of LEED and Green Seal environmental certifications ensures the rigorous adherence of the vendor to the green status in its services and products. The use of sustainable washing agents, which include special chemicals, equipment, and techniques, is a major factor contributing to the growth of the market. Green products contain natural solutions and cleaners, which are safe and preferred for commercial end-users. Organic ingredients in the cleaning agents are harmless with health minimal effect on the human body. 

Stratus Building Solutions knows that green cleaning is the way of the future, and is proud to be an industry leader in environmentally conscientious practices, proving our commitment to long-term sustainability.

Freedom and Flexibility

Investing in a commercial cleaning business with Stratus Building Solutions offers you the best of both worlds: the opportunity to be your own boss while enjoying the support of a world-class franchise system. Stratus provides you with a variety of franchise model options, with start-up fees as low as $1,000 and guaranteed customer accounts.

Now is the perfect time to explore how owning a commercial cleaning franchise with Stratus Building Solutions may be right for you. Please visit us to learn more.