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Commercial Cleaning Companies

What to Look for When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Not all commercial cleaning companies are created equal. Your business has no room for mediocrity, so you want to make sure the people you hire to clean your business can do the job right. Look for a team with the skills and the flexibility to meet your needs. You need a cleaning company who is:


Cleaning a commercial space properly takes experience. All of the franchisees that are a part of the Stratus Building Solutions family are industry trained to execute your cleaning services thoroughly and efficiently. Ongoing training is conducted on a regular basis to keep standards high. All Stratus franchisees are backed by a national brand and have access to all the regional support they need to ensure your business receives the best services at all times. 


Any business, no matter how large or small, can benefit from the commercial cleaning offered by a Stratus Building Solutions franchisee. Stratus recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it. You deserve services that match your specific needs, and that is just what Stratus provides. During your free consultation, your Stratus franchisee will evaluate your space and provide guidance on what will best accomplish your goal of ensuring a healthy and clean building for your guests, clients, and employees. Our solutions can be customized for all sorts of businesses and organizations including schools, fitness centers, office buildings, medical offices, church buildings, and more. 


Turn to Stratus for top-to-bottom cleaning services for your place of business, whether that is a commercial building, office, or restaurant. You can always expect reliable attention to detail to show through. Stratus Building Solutions is committed to your satisfaction which is why we perform regular quality audits based on a 50-point system. You can also fill out our monthly customer satisfaction review to vocalize how you are feeling about your services.  


Protect your facility and all of the people who enter by choosing a company that uses green cleaning products. Stratus proudly offers the most comprehensive green commercial cleaning services in the industry. Toxic cleaning products that use VOCs cause respiratory irritations, headaches, and other symptoms. With our LEED-compliant cleaning solutions, we raise the industry standard to protect all of the occupants of your building. This option is also more friendly to the environment so it is a choice you can feel good about. 


Trust is always an important component for any business relationship. You deserve a cleaning service that will not only align with your schedule but be there when they say they will. Whether you need cleaning services once a month, multiple times a day, or on a more sporadic basis, turn to Stratus to meet your schedule. You can count on Stratus Building Solutions to be on time and to execute your services flawlessly. 


All of the above attributes are invaluable when choosing a cleaning service. That said, you still have to protect your bottom line and make sure your expenditures on cleaning contribute to your company without being a drain on your finances. No other commercial cleaning companies offer the level of customization and quality that Stratus does with rates as low. 

Count on Stratus 

Choosing the right cleaning services means choosing Stratus. Discover the Stratus difference today. Find your closest location to get started!