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Volunteer Days at the YMCA of Boulder Valley

Why volunteer? For JoAnn Sellers, regional director and general manager of Stratus Building Solutions of Denver, the answer is simple. It brings her joy to assist in her beloved community’s growth. “It is also the right thing to do,” Sellers adds.

Sellers loves, in no particular order, her 17-year-old son, sports of all sorts — she played collegiate softball at New Mexico State University — and creating opportunities for others. That includes giving her time to spruce up YMCA camps throughout Denver and Northern Colorado. Sellers also creates opportunities professionally with Stratus Building Solutions.

Sellers has nearly 30 years of experience in the commercial janitorial services industry. She has seen nearly everything in this business, and what one needs to know to be successful in this business. However, the feeling of helping others experience the joy of business ownership never gets old. “The biggest reward of this job is watching business owners join us and grow their business,” says Sellers. “Not simply grow their business but be successful at it and provide for their families.”

Commercial janitorial services don’t offer the glitz and glamour of other industries, but it is extremely gratifying from Sellers’ perspective. “It’s more of a family business,” she says. “if you’re afraid to step out and take a dramatic leap into entrepreneurship, Stratus Building Solutions is a great place to begin looking at your options. We offer several options that will get you on the right track and become a successful business owner.”

Stratus Building Solutions of Metro Denver/Northern Colorado has earned a reputation of being a reliable source for groups and organizations in need of volunteers. The YMCA of Boulder Valley is among the organizations where Sellers and her crew have developed a tight bond. “The YMCA does so much for children of all backgrounds,” says Sellers. “They offer programs for children in need, after-school programs, scholarships — and assist with their development. That’s important to all of us in this office. Too many parents are forced to work too hard to support a family. We’re here to alleviate some of those stresses.”

Earlier this spring, staff from Stratus Buildings Solutions offered their time and elbow grease to prepare the non-profit’s Camp Santa Maria. The summer camp, nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, provides opportunities for kids to live and play in the great outdoors in a positive atmosphere. Before the campers arrived, the team of volunteers from Stratus Building Solutions cleaned up the dirt and grime that accumulated during the harsh winter months.

“Several franchise owners joined members of our office to clean the facility,” Sellers says. “We do it all, outside and inside, from the cabins to the bathing rooms. We even tackle the landscaping. The YMCA has limited resources so it’s our duty to jump in and fill the void. It’s important we give them our best effort. The directors at the Y know they can count on us for quality service.”

This year marked the ninth year Stratus Building Solutions made the trek to the camp to give it a spring cleaning. It’s not the only time they visit Camp Santa Maria; the cleaning effort requires several volunteer sessions. It is not the only time they partner with the Y. “We tend the garden at one of the local YMCAs,” Sellers says. During the Christmas holiday, Stratus Building Solutions offers their volunteer services during the YMCA’s bike giveaway extravaganza.

“We help usher children around the facility, help them choose their backpacks and eventually pick out their bike for Christmas,” Sellers says. “It’s always an exciting time.”

The volunteer effort isn’t limited to the YMCA. Some Stratus Building Solutions franchise owners are involved in a program that caters to at-risk juveniles. The franchise owners are serving as mentors to help youth involved with the criminal justice system realize there’s a better path. The goal is to ultimately that they can be successful business owners if they focus their efforts on positive outcomes.

“We like to get involved in the community,” says Sellers. “Everyone here at Stratus Building Solutions has a story about why they wanted to build their own business. We take pride in providing the opportunity to reach the success they desire.”

Are you in search of a business that treasures the community as much as you do while providing growth opportunities personally and professionally? Does the Stratus Building Solutions franchise opportunity sound like it could be for you?