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Tips for Keeping Businesses Clean During National Cleaning Week

Each year, national cleaning week begins on the fourth Sunday of March. This year, national cleaning week starts on March 27. Choose Stratus Building Solutions to help deep clean your business and maintain it’s shine with regular cleaning services. Clean businesses let your customers know that you care about the health of those who enter. When customers step into your business for the first time and see clean floors, windows, carpets, and surfaces, you make a great first impression. Let your business sparkle with Stratus Building Solution’s commercial janitorial services

Consider the following ways you can help keep your office clean for national cleaning week:

Clean High-Touch Surfaces

Cleaning high-touch surfaces, including all countertops and desktops, will help them remain beautiful in appearance and sanitized for the health of all who occupy your building. Additionally, your employees and guests will have a decrease in allergic reactions and instead breathe in clean air free of debris, viruses, and bacteria. When employees work in a clean environment, their overall mood and health will improve.

Disinfect Gathering Rooms and High-Traffic Rooms

Keeping your conference rooms, bathrooms, and breakrooms clean will help prevent the spread of germs with so many employees and guests visiting. While cleaning can remove dirt and grime from organic matter, disinfecting can kill germs and bacteria. Disinfection is crucial for high-traffic areas, as well as poorly ventilated areas, to keep guests and employees healthy and free of viruses that are easily spread. 

Rely on Stratus Building Solutions for Regular Cleaning Appointments

 When you choose to bring on a commercial cleaning company, you will finally be able to relax and know the cleanup will always be taken care of. Also, customers notice if your office is clean or not. Give your clients a great first impression with sparkling floors so your company can stand out from the crowd. Additionally, your satisfaction is important to Stratus Building Solutions. We strive to keep your business clean so you can succeed. We offer regularly scheduled cleaning appointments so your office building can remain clean and hygienic. 

This national cleaning week, stay prepared with our tips and commercial janitorial services so you can host a hygienic workplace for employees and guests alike. Enjoy the beauty and cleanliness of a regularly disinfected and hygienic office building.