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Commercial Cleaning Service

Running a Successful Cleaning Company

Having a job is as a janitor, cleaner or shopkeeper can challenging -- but also rewarding. After all, the job requires rigorous physical activity as well as attention to detail and fastidiousness. Thus, as the owner of a cleaning company, it can be helpful to take some time to understand how to best work with cleaners so that your team has a sense of responsibility and ownership while they work and a good relationship with you as a supervisor.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your cleaners' work is as quick, thorough and effective as possible.

1. Use Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Janitors rival concrete workers with respect to the physical labor involved. They are always on their feet, looking down, with their shoulders out in front of their knees. Give your employees the equipment they need to move quickly and do a good job.

For example, don't ask your cleaners to remove the dirt and dust from a floor in a 1,000-square-foot building with a house vacuum. Do your employees a favor and buy vacuums with 2- or 3-foot wide heads that they can cover large swaths with quickly.

2. Selection of Cleaning Chemicals

Your employees scrub toilets, water fountains, countertops, desks and maybe even home appliances. Make certain they have the cleaning solutions they need. For example, cleaners can benefit from having certain cleaning supplies to clean things like stainless steel water fountains -- and different ones for porcelain cleaning. Gauge what your team will be encountering on their next job, then make sure they are well-equipped with what they need before they start.

3. Be Available

There are often issues that arise during cleaning jobs. While they may not be directly related to you, you are the resource that your employees will turn to for help overcoming challenges. For example, a cleaner might have cleaned a bathroom impeccably, only to find there's no liquid soap to refill soap dispensers with. Be on call when your crews are out on the job so you can help them deal with issues that arise quickly. Also, make sure that both your team and the clients they are serving are happy.

4. Visit Regularly

You probably trust your team to do a great job. However, it can help to show up every once in a while and oversee their work. Make regular site visits to help coach your teams through the work and to ensure they are meeting your standards. This will keep them on their toes and keep standards high across the board.

5. Ask for Opinions

Ask your cleaners how they feel about their jobs and the processes you use. Gauge whether they think there could be improvements made, or what's going well. They're the ones in the field every day, and their informed knowledge is valuable when it comes to optimizing your company's processes.

6. Make Expectations Clear

Before you hire someone, know what you -- and more importantly, your client -- expect. Write it down. Make the responsibilities a checklist if you like. If your expectations are spelled out clearly, there is no room for confusion. You can also talk about details in person for clarity.

If you've chosen to own a cleaning business, you'll have to deal with a wide range of people as both customers and employees. If you make your expectations clear and treat your employees with dignity right off the bat, you'll get to experience a cleaning company that does great work -- and clients that are consistently happy.