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Post-Pandemic: Picking a Franchise You Trust

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the way we view cleaning. With the economy facing strain and record-shattering numbers of unemployed, now is a time of uncertainty and fear. 

Most of the people that make up our society have never experienced a pandemic, let alone anything like the one we are in. For those that are financially worried or simply cautious towards embarking on franchise ownership, there is a silver lining. CMMonline put it into perspective, “Commercial cleaning businesses have been, and continue to be, vital in the fight against SARS-CoV-2.” 

Stratus Building Solutions is an award-winning janitorial franchise opportunity, providing environmentally friendly commercial cleaning services driven by entrepreneurial, small-business owners, and regional support centers.

If you’re looking to own a commercial cleaning franchise, now is a great time to invest. Not only is the industry booming, but the work cleaning businesses are doing now is essential. Here are some of the ways Stratus Building Solutions was proactive in rolling out a back-to-work plan for businesses amidst the pandemic:

Supporting Our Franchisees

When the pandemic first started, business plans and protocols immediately had to be shifted. The CDC was changing guidelines as they gained more information on the virus, which means we had to adapt to new rules at any moment.

Our franchisees were constantly making sacrifices to their normal routines and implementing changes within their business operations. We wanted to make sure that although they were doing their jobs well, they were genuinely doing well in other areas of life. Management reached out to franchisees to talk about any hardships or troubles they were having amidst the global crisis and discussed ways in which we could help. 

Our business would be nothing without our dedicated, passionate, and determined franchisees. They are the leaders that led Stratus Building Solutions into a new era and way of cleaning.

Taking Advantage of New Products and Protocols

As the CDC announced how to disinfect surfaces and what to do for both residential and office spaces, the cleaning business needed to be even more clean. Overnight, we were called to be the disinfecting services partner for offices and buildings of all types. Our brand made sure we were using the best and strongest disinfecting products while making sure our franchisees knew exactly how to use them.

Although most people were working from home at the beginning of the pandemic, our services were in high-demand when people started going back into their offices. Every surface, private and common space, communal lounge or bathroom, and material had to be sanitized according to CDC guidelines. By having an open line of communication with our franchisees on how to enact this process and giving them the cleaning supplies they needed to carry out their services, we were creating clean and trusted workspaces for our loyal customers. 

Giving Customers the Information and Assurance They Need

As said earlier, these times have truly made people feel skeptical or uncertain. We would be nowhere without our customers. Interacting with loyal customers from before the pandemic and new customers that sought our brand’s cleaning services led to transparent and reassuring conversations. 

When our customers were able to hear exactly how we carried out our cleaning business and sanitization of their space, trust was heightened on both ends. Giving assurance to customers is not hard when you are able to keep a strong line of communication on both ends.

Commercial cleaning franchises have always been key players in the franchise industry, but are needed now more than ever. If you’re looking to become a franchise owner and need reassurance that you’ll have a dedicated team, corporate leadership, and trusted customers, along with guidelines on how to operate your business, then Stratus Building Solutions would love to speak with you.


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