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New Year, New You - Change your Future with Stratus in 2019!

For some people, New Year’s Day is just another day, but for a lot of us, we can’t help but reflect and reminisce.  With another year gone, and a new one approaching fast, it’s hard to not feel a little disappointed if things haven’t exactly as planned – falling short of goals and/or grappling with personal or professional frustration.

But that’s the great thing about a new year. It’s a good time to reflect, yes, but it’s also a good time to prepare and plan and dream – and more importantly, ACT on those dreams. You can’t change the past, but with a new year ahead of you, you can change the future.

And we humbly suggest that you might want to change and improve your future by joining the Stratus Building Solutions franchise family as a unit franchisee.  Why might it be the right move for you? In honor of it being 2019, we’ll give you 2,019 reasons!  Just kidding. How about 1,500 reasons? Well, even though we have more than 1,500 wonderful unit franchise owners, that’s till kind of a lot.  So, how about seven?   That’s better – here are seven top reasons to consider buying a Stratus Building Solutions unit franchise in 2019.

Low cost to invest. A lot of franchises, as you may have heard, cost hundreds of thousands (or even millions!) of dollars to buy. Not all of them, of course.  But if you’re buying a fast food restaurant, for instance, you’re going to want a boatload of cash in your bank account. Stratus Building Solutions, however, is famously inexpensive for a franchise, with start-up costs as low as $4,350 – money that covers everything from equipment to inventory and the training you receive.   Our low-investment, high upside model helped us grow our system by 200% and earn the #103 ranking in Entrepreneur’s 2018 Franchise 500 list.

A great brand. One of the key reasons to buy a franchise is because people know the company’s name and reputation. Now, you may or may not be very familiar with Stratus Building Solutions, but your potential clients probably are – your clients being medical facilities, daycares, preschools, religious centers, restaurants, stores, office buildings and on and on. And if they don’t know, a prospective client can easily find Stratus online and quickly recognize that they’re working with an established, trusted brand.

This established reputation is a big deal.  If you started your own cleaning business as an independent owner, it could go wonderfully, and we would wish you well (Seriously!). But it can be hard, starting out with a new business and convincing people that you can do great work. Customers will likely be reluctant to take on a cleaning service that has no proven track record. However, walking in with the support of the Stratus Building Solutions name takes that daunting part of beginning a new business out of the equation.

A proven business system. Yes, it looks easy. Clean businesses = make money. But cleaning efficiently and having systems in place to run your business, such as knowing where to buy the right cleaning products (and getting them cheaper) and understanding how to price your services – well, it isn’t as simple as it looks. Seriously. Some types of commercial facilities also require certain standards of cleaning, and you need to be familiar with all of those standards.

Invaluable support. The best system in the world isn’t all that great if you don’t have somebody to teach you to run it – but beyond the initial training, we pride ourselves in always being there for our franchisees. If you need help processing customer invoices, payroll, accounts payable or any general operations support, we’re here for you, day in and day out.

Purchasing power and innovation. A cleaning service may depend on a lot of labor, but it also depends on cleaning products that cost money. If you’re buying these products on your own, you’re going to pay a vendor a lot more than if you have a franchise system like Stratus helping with these purchases. It isn’t only cleaning products; Stratus’s purchasing power extends to equipment, uniforms and anything else you’ll need for your business – such as our state-of-the art Microfilter HEPA Vacuums and UVC Sanitizing Wands.