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Janitorial Services and Disinfection

Janitorial Services and Disinfecting Services Unite!

Disinfecting is now a part of the traditional cleaning check-list that makes a surface properly clean. Cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic areas is a great way to reduce the spread of germs in your workplace.

What Are Janitorial Services? 

Janitorial services will take care of your daily cleaning tasks to maintain a healthy workspace. Having a consistent reliable provider clean on schedule will always keep your workspace aesthetically clean for your employees and any guest to the building. From taking out the trash to dusting every inch, hiring professionals to handle these duties will keep you at ease knowing your workplace is always providing the right impression. Stratus Building Solutions franchisees offer a janitorial service to any size facility which carved the path into becoming the leading provider of janitorial services. Stratus Building Solutions understands that you and your staff work hard busy days, which is why Green Seal Certified products are used. This leaves your building indoor air quality clean and free from harmful odors, that’s typically found in standard chemical cleaning products.

Are Janitorial Services Enough to Keep my Facility Safe from Germs? 

The more foot-traffic your facility has, the higher chance of germs living and being spread from surface to surface. Although a janitorial service employs traditional cleaning procedures, it is important to disinfect any facility from time to time. High-traffic businesses or sensitive population businesses require disinfecting services more frequently to help kill germs to keep those in the facility safe as possible. Stratus Building Solutions franchisees use state-of-the-art equipment to make sure your facility is properly disinfected. Stratus franchisees are partnered with leading high-end partners to provide the best disinfectant equipment such as the Sani-Sprtiz spray and Prokure1.

Janitorial vs. Disinfecting / Sanitizing 

Janitorial Cleaning vs Disinfecting


The traditional cleaning method refers to removing dust, debris and dirt from surfaces by physically scrubbing with soap (or detergents) and water which helps reduce the spread of germs. Although it does lower the risk of spreading infections, it must be made clear that it does not fully kill or remove germs. That is when the Sanitizing and Disinfection comes into play. Combining both janitorial and disinfection services will highly reduce the chances of germs spreading in your facility. Applying a disinfection service after a standard cleaning will help wipe out germs, giving your employees the peace of mind while working hard. Stratus Building Solutions franchisees offer commercial disinfection services to ensure the safety for everyone by reducing the spread tremendously.  

What’s Next?

Stratus Building Solutions Franchisees strive for the cleanliness of your workplace. Hiring professionals to properly clean and disinfect your facility will ensure you, your employees, and guests to the facility are safe. Find a location near you and schedule a free quote