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It's Not Clean Unless It Is Stratus Clean

Stratus Clean Franchising Opportunities

Franchising Opportunities

Stratus’ reputation for quality is built on consistency and reliability. As a Stratus franchise owner, you must also have this dedication to these causes and a commitment to great customer service. These are key in making a franchise successful. Our franchise owners understand the importance of meeting customer expectations and maintaining strong relationships with their clients and their suppliers. They always show up, are pleasant and efficient, and even plan ahead for unexpected changes caused by illness, emergencies, or client needs.

  • Training in professional cleaning and business management
  • Guaranteed customer base
  • Ongoing administrative, sales, marketing, and billing support
  • Financing available for franchise fees
  • State of the art tools and machinery
  • Affordable pricing on supplies and insurances
  • Use of Stratus® regional office staff, mailing address, phone, and conference rooms
  • Periodic customer service inspections
  • Professional business and/or cleaning consulting when needed
  • Lowest investment costs in the industry


Stratus Clean Franchising Opportunities

Commercial Cleaning Services

Stratus has the solution for all your cleaning needs. Our program provides superior cleaning and hygiene qualities while maintaining a consistently high appearance.

What sets us apart?

  • Career cleaning professionals
  • Unparalleled quality control
  • Extensive training/certification programs
  • Uniformed cleaners with photo identification
  • The latest cleaning technology
  • Fully Insured and Bonded

Stratus Building Solutions conquers all your facilities’ cleaning challenges, from top to bottom!