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Doug Flaig with Stratus and U of Louisville College of Business Logos Overlaid on It and “Franchise U! Podcast

How Stratus Building Solutions Sets Itself Apart from Other Franchises

While many people know about franchise businesses and how they are operated, many don't realize how within reach franchise ownership is for them, or what the benefits of being a franchise owner are. Stratus Building Solutions sets itself apart from other commercial janitorial services franchises by offering valuable services to franchisee customers, and providing franchisees with unparalleled support. Here are some great reasons to become a Stratus franchisee:

We Are a Celebrated Brand in the Franchise Industry

Stratus was ranked number 32 on Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 list for 2022, a more than 40 spot climb from 2021! This growth speaks volumes about the long-term stability and growth of the Stratus business model.

We Provide Services that are More Important than Ever

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, professional cleaning services have become more important and essential than ever. With offices beginning to reopen as businesses recover from the pandemic, business owners want to reassure their employees and customers that their operations are safe spaces to enter, and this makes the services that Stratus provides very valuable. Because we offer services that are in high demand, the opportunity for franchisees to grow their individual franchise locations also continues to increase.

Stratus is also the top green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise, making use of chemicals that are not just eco-friendly, but not harsh on the respiratory systems of people who enter the spaces where the cleaning chemicals have been used. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, Stratus was ahead of the curve on prioritizing the use of chemicals that are effective, safe, and green.

We Provide Unparalleled Support to Our Franchisees

As Stratus Building Solutions president Doug Flaig talked about in his interview with Franchise U!, Stratus provides support to their franchisees that ensures their needs are being met, concerns are being heard, and assistance is being provided. They have a franchise advisory council made up of a few key master franchisees where Flaig brings questions to the members and asks them to advise him, and members bring issues happening within the franchise to him and they all collectively work together to find resolutions.

In a less formal approach, Flaig also figures out who the influencers are within the franchise, gets to know them, and listens to them, because by winning them over by doing things that are right for the brand, he ensures that they will get any important messages about the franchise out to the rest of the organization. This further bolsters the collaborative structure within Stratus, rather than just having one person at the top sending down directives.

To learn more about becoming a Stratus franchisee and how we set ourselves apart from other commercial janitorial services franchises, visit our site and check out Flaig's interview on Franchise U!