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How to Run a Successful Office Cleaning Business

We used to get this question all the time – how do you run a successful office cleaning business?

With the onslaught of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, we now are getting this even more as health and cleanliness comes to the forefront of the public’s, and business owners’ minds alike.

It helps to be flexible or hire people who are. During stay-at-home orders, many businesses are currently closed during the day, so you may be able to clean during regular working hours but this is not the usual case. When the reopening day of business comes, you or your team will be cleaning on the weekends and evenings, meaning outside of normal operating hours. For those of us that work better in quieter environments or are night owls, this can be ideal, but for others, nights and weekends can be more difficult so make sure you or your staff are the right fit.

For the foreseeable future, your business clients are going to be fairly demanding, as their own customers and employees will expect and extra level of cleanliness post-reopening and post-pandemic, but that means more business for you. Even with hours that may be rather haphazard and long as commercial cleaning business is in demand like it never has been before, it will continue to be relatively secure and continue to grow compared to other industries, even if stay-at-home orders rise again.

You’ll need to be somebody who likes to be busy. Especially in this COVID-19 new world order. Currently, Stratus Building Solutions is in a growth mode, adding many new clients – cleaning and disinfecting thousands of businesses across the US and Canada, in addition to their regular recurring clients. Cleaning and disinfecting businesses and franchises will be the trendsetting opportunities for awhile.

Enjoy customer service. Yes, you and/or your staff are cleaning, often at times when your clients aren’t around. As anybody in business ownership quickly finds – every business is people-oriented, even if it is not face-to-face. Clients will have their quirks, regarding what we think is perfectly clean, and what we think isn’t scheduling, and extra services; and you need to be the type of person who believes the customer is always right.

In this climate, when people are anxious about things being properly cleaned, you need to be somebody who enjoys talking to clients and explaining Stratus’s cleaning and disinfecting techniques ease their concerns. That is usually all they need to hear.

You need to be somebody who enjoys working on your business. Stratus Building Solutions’ franchise owners tend to fall into two categories. Some franchise owners are owner-operators, meaning they are business owners and the main cleaning person. They’re doing the desk work (fortunately, a lot of that, Stratus Regional Office assists with) and the cleaning.

Other franchise owners don’t cleaning, instead have their staff to do it. Wherever you fall and whatever type of Stratus Building Solutions franchise owner you want to be, hopefully, you’re business-minded. If you want to do most of the cleaning and let Stratus handle your administrative work, that’s fine, but if you want to build your business and hire enough people to promote yourself out of the everyday cleaning, you can do that too. Stratus Building Solutions unit franchise opportunity is scalable to help you grow and succeed.  You just obviously will excel even more if you’re the type of person who enjoys working your business – chasing down leads, making sales, scheduling and making sure your clients are happy.

In other words, if you want a business that you can build and grow, Stratus Building Solutions is exactly that. Especially in these surreal times we’re living in, when a clean workplace is no longer a perk but something that employees and customers are going to demand.