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germs on doorhandle

How Office Cleaning Services Protect You from Germs

When we think about the benefits of janitorial cleaning services, we know that one of those benefits is the removal of germs. But have you given much thought to exactly where all those germs are hiding, and how they are removed? There are many areas of your facility that Stratus Building Solutions focuses on for cleaning, and while those cleaning services do remove dirt, stains, and other obvious messes, they also have another, possibly more important purpose: removal of illness-causing pathogens. Here are some of the cleaning practices we focus on to target germs, along with dirt and more:


Dust is a visible mess that accumulates on a daily basis. Not only is it unsightly, but dust is also a leading cause of indoor air pollution. Dust not only causes allergic reactions, exacerbates asthma, and otherwise impacts our respiratory systems, but the air pollution that it causes can also impact productivity within your business. On top of all of this, when a potential client or customer comes into your business and sees dust everywhere, it will not make a great impression.

Wiping Surfaces

This practice is a little more obvious, because when we think of germ removal, a lot of us think of wiping down surfaces with disinfecting wipes or cleaning sprays. Stratus utilizes CDC- and OSHA-compliant practices to ensure all of the surfaces in your business are disinfected. This includes focusing on high-touch areas where illness-causing germs are most often found.


Think about how much traffic your carpets see each day. People walk into your business from a wide range of different places, and on their shoes there is dirt, hair, skin, dead insects and – you guessed it – germs. All of these things accumulate within your carpets each day, and much of it makes its way into the air to contribute to air pollution. Regular vacuuming along with routine deep cleaning is crucial for making sure all of these unwanted things that are being tracked into your carpets are removed.

Trash Removal

Trash cans can contain any number of potentially illness-causing things, from tissues used by someone with a cold to hazardous materials such as used bandages, needles used to administer medication, or paper towels that were used to wipe up bodily fluids. Regular and proper removal of your trash is an important part of keeping your business healthy and safe.

These are just a few of the janitorial cleaning services that Stratus can provide to your business to not just keep it visibly clean, but to keep germs and dust at bay as well. Contact us today to learn how we can create a customized cleaning plan for your business!