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Maintain a Clean and Toxin-Free Office

How to Maintain a Clean and Toxin-Free Office to Keep Your Employees Healthy

You rely on your employees to keep your business up and running every day, and your success depends on their ability to fulfill their jobs efficiently. As an employer, it's your responsibility to keep their working environment clean and conducive to their productivity and well-being.

If you want to maintain the health of your employees by giving them a sanitary and non-toxic working space, there are many ways to keep an office free from dust and toxins that allow germs and other hazardous elements thrive, typically in enclosed spaces regardless of size and capacity.

Keep the Restrooms Clean

Health conditions that normally get contracted from one person to another can be prevented if people religiously wash their hands after using the restroom. But the preventive measure should not end there. As everyone uses the restroom, they are exposed to germs and toxins that easily flourish in an unsanitary lavatory. Floors, sinks, walls and toilets must be thoroughly wiped and cleaned with disinfectant at the end of the day. Wastebaskets must also be emptied, and toilet paper rolls must be replaced.

Keep the Pantry or Breakrooms Clean

Another area prone to thriving germs and toxins involve food and liquids which are all kept in the office breakroom or pantry. If not cleaned properly, the sinks and appliances can be breeding ground for hazardous elements that can affect health. Use disinfectants to clean the sink. Cleaning the insides of microwaves, refrigerators and other appliances must also be done at the end of the day, as well as getting the floors mopped or swept.

Dust, Replace, Organize and Disinfect

Electronics and shelves must be dusted frequently with a strong duster to get tiny particles out of tight spaces and crevices. Paper must be organized and shredded or discarded as needed. Wastebaskets must also be emptied, floors mopped or swept, and surfaces wiped thoroughly with rags sprayed with disinfectants.

Hire Professional Help

To guarantee a fully toxin-safe and health-hazard free office, you must employ the services of a professional janitorial agency that is reliable and trusted in the industry. They have the industry-tested tools and the trained manpower to get the work done accurately based on their professional assessment of your maintenance and cleaning needs.

At Stratus Building Solutions, we are committed to providing deep and green janitorial services to help our customers achieve the most comprehensive and effective cleaning assistance for their businesses. We also provide franchise options for those who want to join our growing team of janitorial service leaders in the industry.

Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from our industry-proven expertise.