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Top Janitorial Service Near Me

How to Hire the Top Janitorial Service Company in Your Area

If you want to hire a janitorial service company to help you keep your office clean, it can pay to do some research about which one is the best. By choosing a service with a trusted reputation, vast experience, and outstanding products and skills, you can ensure that hiring a company to clean is a worthwhile investment. Here are some tips for helping you make sure that you hire the top janitorial service in your area, so you are sure that you are getting the best service possible.

Look at Experience

One important factor for choosing a great janitorial service company is looking at the experience they have. You want to choose a service provider who has an extensive range of experience cleaning the type of space that you need to be serviced. Look into what kind of properties a company cleans and how long they have been cleaning them.

Ask for Referrals

Talk to other business owners in your area and ask them which janitorial service company they use to clean their office. If they are happy with the service they have been provided, then you should be able to trust that you will receive a service you will be happy with as well. Ask multiple businesses to make sure you are getting a consensus for the top janitorial service company in your area.

Consider the Supplies they Use

A deep office cleaning requires the use of cleaning materials. Ask a cleaning company what kind of cleaning supplies they use before you hire them. You may prioritize health and not want strong chemicals in a workspace. Alternatively, you may be eco-conscious and want to hire a company who uses only green supplies so that you don't have a negative impact on the environment.

Weigh their Customer Service

When you hire a janitorial service company, you will become their customer and interact with them with your questions, concerns, and cleaning requests. Talk to the company's customer service department and make sure that they are easy to reach and communicate with. Also, express any concerns or questions you may have and see how they handle your communication. You want to make sure you are valued and prioritized as the customer and that you are paying to work with a company who respects you and will give you the attention you deserve.

See Whether They are Insured

There is always the risk that someone will get injured on the job when they are doing a cleaning company. Check with a janitorial service company and make sure that their team members are all insured. You do not want to be liable if something happens to a cleaning staff member or janitor while they are in your office, so you should make sure that the cleaning company is going to take responsibility when they are at fautl

If you are ready to hire a janitorial service company and you want to make sure you choose the best one possible, consider hiring Stratus Building Solutions. Our trusted team can come into your office and make sure it is in the best shape possible, leaving you with an environment that is clean, safe, and pleasant to work in. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can hire us for the top janitorial services in your area.