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Gym Cleaning Services from Stratus

Gyms have a certain level of intimacy in which members interact within the space. Gyms are filled with members who aim to be a healthier, stronger version of themselves. Often, this hard work results in sweat and grime. Though normal, these can be hazardous to other gym goers. It’s important to have sanitizing stations in place at a gym for each person to clean after themselves, or to at least encourage them to do so. However, this reliance on the gym goer is insufficient for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment that can handle dirt, sweat, and germs. 

Stratus Building Solutions local franchisees service a wide range of health and fitness facilities including but not limited to health clubs, country clubs, yoga and pilates studios, CrossFit facilities, homeowner’s association gyms, large-scale gyms to intimate/niche clubs.

Count on Stratus Building Solutions for high-quality gym cleaning services and sanitizing services. We don’t use harsh chemicals for our deep cleaning services. We are committed to being a green commercial cleaning service. Give your staff and members the added benefits of a green gym cleaning service that focuses on improving health and reducing indoor air pollution. We offer flexible scheduling to work with your gym hours and be the least disruptive to your business. Upon consultation, we will learn about your facility to tailor our commercial gym cleaning services to what fits your needs best. 

One of the most overlooked spaces in gyms in terms of cleaning includes the bathrooms and locker rooms. These high-traffic areas are crucial to sanitize due to the small space and high-touch points. These areas require daily maintenance cleaning to ensure cleanliness and health amongst gym goers and employees. Stratus Building Solutions’ hospital-grade Sani-Spritz, UV-C Sanitation Wand or electrostatic disinfecting services can be included in your gym cleaning service, gym disinfecting includes high traffic areas, locker rooms, restrooms or sensitive machinery for an extra level of clean. At Stratus, we focus on the entirety of commercial gyms, cleaning thoroughly from top to bottom, including workout spaces, equipment rooms. restrooms, high use areas, equipment, water stations. When you choose Stratus, not a detail is overlooked.

Let your gym members look forward to their workout knowing they are in a hygienic space. Contact Stratus Building Solutions for gym cleaning services and sanitization services.