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Day Porter Disinfecting Service

Day Porter Cleaning and Disinfecting Services in the New Normal

Clean business and buildings are now a priority. It does not need to be further emphasized how COVID-19 has changed our daily lives and how we look at things in our new normal.

Facing this abrupt wake-up call, many outside of the commercial cleaning industry were surprised how little and infrequently our offices, shopping malls, restaurants, gyms, and airplanes were actually being cleaned by professionals. Commercial cleaning services, until COVID-19, was really seen as a luxury or ancillary business cost and usually one of the first scratched off when budgets needed to be cut. (As some insight, many in the commercial cleaning service industry were already used to carrying around hand sanitizer and refused to touch door handles even before all of this...)

Now, for very good reason, we are seeing an increased demand for cleaner facilities as we have all taken a small course by way of the news and on virus transmission. Viruses are present wherever and whenever an infected person enters a building, whether it is through droplet transmission in the air or on surfaces. That means your coronavirus cleaning services and protocols can’t wait for that evening’s or your one-time a week janitorial service to come through. 

How Can Day Porter Services Can Help

This is where day porter cleaning and disinfecting services come in. If you have a busy business, a number of essential staff, or school looking at reopening day, there are a lot of high traffic areas and high touchpoints that need to be continuously disinfected as the day goes on. Just think of how many people come through your door each day and each one of them is touching the door handles, clocking in, visiting the restroom, using the microwave or drinking fountains, or for schools - playing on the gym mats or visiting the library. With each person who touches these surfaces, there is an increased opportunity for virus transmission.

With a day porter janitorial service, you have someone (or even a few people) there during your open hours continuously circling the facility and wiping down these surfaces with an EPA List N disinfectant. Another option is for someone to come in at intervals during the day, say during each break, to disinfect the breakrooms, bathrooms, or working areas.

In addition to assuring you are providing a healthier environment for your customers and employees by contracting a day porter, they will be more at ease as well. Seeing a uniformed, badged cleaning professional with a microfiber towel and bottle of disinfectant proactively cleaning surfaces is putting your business in the best position to bring those customers and employees back. In our new normal created by COVID-19, the cleanliness of your business is no longer a luxury, its a necessity. 

If you are looking for day porter commercial cleaning services for your business, contact one of Stratus' regional offices for more information.