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Large Church Cleaning Services in Texas

Customer Spotlight: Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas

People go to a place of worship to cleanse their soul. But it would be hard to do that if you were sitting in filth.

That’s why a great cleaning service is so important for a place like a church, temple or mosque. After all, people gather there in great numbers, and even if you’re dressed in your Sunday best, you may be bringing the worst sort of bacteria with you.

So you can imagine how pleased we were when we spoke to David H. Smith, the facilities director with Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas, and he gave us a glowing report.

“Stratus has been very responsive and takes care of all our needs,” he says. “If we do have any concerns, they address them promptly. They offer a complete service, which we need.”

Smith says that he has been working with Stratus Building Solutions for two years now. Stratus was already working with the church when he came along, and fortunately for us, he liked what he saw. Stratus, he says, cleans two buildings for the church; one that is 90,000 square feet and another that is 82,000 square feet.

“One [building] is used as everyday offices and one is used for worship a few times a week. Stratus is able to handle both scenarios,” he says.

Stratus comes into the church for a variety of eco-friendly janitorial services, on both a daily and weekly basis. Stratus offers a wide range of services, and if somehow Stratus doesn’t provide a service that they need, Smith says that they always know someone who does. He feels he can trust Stratus’s recommendation, which made us feel heavenly.

Meanwhile, Smith echoes some of our thinking on cleaning.

“Cleanliness is huge,” he says. “It’s good for personnel, the congregation and the whole operation. A clean church is required for us to function.”

Of course. As they say, cleanliness is next to – you know.

We asked if he would recommend Stratus to other businesses, and Smith said, “Definitely!”

We also inquired if our cleaning has contributed to the church’s overall growth and company performance. Smith said that they don’t strive for perfection, but they do strive for excellence, and Stratus greatly assists them in that goal. 

Cleanliness is incredibly important, especially in public gathering places such as a church where people often embrace and shake hands. Stratus Building Solutions is happy to instill confidence in Celebration Church’s congregation by providing top-notch cleaning services. Afterall, church goers come to church to pray – not be preyed upon by lurking germs.