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Coronavirus Cleaning Checklist Blog

Coronavirus Cleaning Checklist for Your Office or Business

Cleaning is now a necessity. Do you know what you need to keep your employees healthy and productive? Rely on the experts to help...

What’s Should Be In Your Coronavirus Business Cleaning Routine?

You should do routine cleaning daily. You should also set up regular professional disinfecting services on a rolling basis. You’ll want to clean all visibly dirty surfaces in your facilities to remove dust and soils – and then disinfect the workspace. The disinfectant will be more effective on surfaces if the dirt, grime, and dust is removed. The frequency of your cleaning scheduling depends on how much public traffic your business gets, and whether you work with vulnerable populations, such as assisted living centers.

What Products Should My Cleaning Company Use to Combat Coronavirus?

For a well-maintained facility with no known COVID-19 exposure, normal routine cleaning with soap and water will work for the vast majority of surfaces. Use hospital-grade disinfectants for high-touch areas, verify what you are using is listing on the EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Make Sure to Focus on High-Touch Areas

Stopping the potential spread of the coronavirus starts with eliminating it in the areas and on the surfaces people in your facility interact with most. High-use areas such as restrooms and entryways should be cleaned on a rotating basis during the day. Focus in on high-touch areas like: 

  • Clean doors, furniture and other objects in entryways and exits
  • Frequently wipe down elevator buttons, light switches and light switch plate covers
  • Pay extra attention to surfaces people grab such as door handles, cabinet knobs, sink faucets and stair rails
  • Continually wipe down shared touch screens, tv remotes, cash registers, ATM touchpads, tablets, computer screens, keyboards, phones, and other electronics with alcohol-based wipes
  • Don’t forget the tables, chairs, desks in conference rooms, breakrooms, waiting areas and lobbies
  • Check out and download the high-touch point checklist here for more suggestions for your particular business

 High-Frequency Touchpoints