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Commercial Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Commercial Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Cleaning your office building may seem simple. But there are some commercial cleaning mistakes that business owners and employees often make, even without realizing it. These mistakes can end up costing your business hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and maintenance if you're not careful. So, you should stay away from to keep your business in shape. Here are some of the top commercial cleaning mistakes you should avoid:

1. Scrubbing Spilled Stains

If you're making the rookie mistake of scrubbing spilled stains in your carpet or upholstered office furniture, you risk ruining them with permanent marks. Avoid scrubbing spilled stains altogether. Scrubbing spilled stains may help to set the stain instead of removing it. For instance, red wine works like a natural dye that can easily stain your carpet thanks to its contents. That means anything you scrub the wine with will absorb its color, including your carpet. Instead, assess the type of spill and consider using an old cloth or towel to blot the spill instead. Blotting, combined with an oxidizer or surfactant, such as hydrogen peroxide and dish soap, helps to safely remove the residue from the stain without setting the stain in your upholstered furniture or carpet.

2. Treating Every Cleaner as a Disinfectant

Every cleaner doesn't disinfect the surface you're trying to clean. So, it's important to read the labels. Use cleaners designed for the surface you're trying to clean and ensure you use a disinfectant spray for the recommended time. For instance, some disinfectant sprays require you leave the solution on for 10 seconds. But if you want to sanitize the surface, some manufacturers recommend leaving the product on for minutes at a time. So, it's critical to read the labels and instructions.

3. Assuming a Surface is Clean

Microscopic bacteria and viruses can lurk on a variety of surfaces. So, relying on your eyes to determine if your company's kitchen counters and tables are clean isn't a great idea. Instead of assuming a surface is clean, it's ideal to clean your surfaces thoroughly after each use or at least by the end of the day. Also, consider taking advantage of professional janitorial services to clean your surfaces effectively.

4. Cleaning Windows on Sunny Days

The sun's heat can make your cleaning solution dry faster than you may expect. That means you can easily leave streaks on your office windows. If you want to set a great first impression for potential clients, consider cleaning your windows on an overcast day or leaving it to professional commercial cleaning providers.

5. Selecting the Wrong Commercial Cleaning Provider

Choosing the wrong commercial cleaning service provider can be bad for business. A commercial cleaning service provider who lacks the experience and expertise you need to get your office in shape can get costly, especially when there is an emergency. For instance, if you select a janitorial service provider without verifying, they have the proper insurance and expertise to clean your office carpets after a flood, you can risk the provider making matters worse. Moreover, if the commercial cleaning service provider has a poor reputation for using unvetted contractors, you can also put your business at risk for theft and other liabilities. So, it's important to avoid this mistake by checking references, getting recommendations and reviewing testimonials of the commercial cleaning service provider you are considering. Check reputable consumer websites for any complaints, such as the Better Business Bureau.

Final Thoughts

Making commercial cleaning mistakes can end up costing you in the end. But luckily, you can count on reliable janitorial services to keep your business in order and clean. Instead of tackling cleaning your office or business on your own, consider taking advantage of professional commercial cleaning and janitorial service, such as Stratus Building Solutions. Stratus Building Solutions provides commercial cleaning and janitorial services from an expert team, including carpet cleaning, green cleaning and hard floor cleaning services. By using a reliable team, you can avoid making commercial cleaning mistakes to keep your office tidy year-round.