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Office Lobby with People in Business Casual Clothes Walking Through it and a Receptionist at the Desk

Back-to-Office Cleaning and Sanitization Tips

Many businesses are opting to return from remote work and resume working in an office space, with other businesses and medical facilities allowing more clients and customers into their buildings each day. With the return to offices or increase in the volume of people being permitted to enter businesses, there is an increased demand for sanitation and cleaning services to ensure the health and safety of everyone. As the need for more cleaning goes up, so does the need for people to complete those tasks, and that is where Stratus Building Solutions comes in.

Our professional cleaning staff have the training, equipment, and chemicals to complete all of the cleaning tasks that your business requires. Count on us to help your business stay clean and sanitary, with services including:

Office Sanitization

A lot of businesses are prioritizing sanitization of their buildings even more than they were before. Hand sanitizing stations are commonplace to see around offices, retail stores, medical practices, and other businesses, along with reminders and instructions for proper handwashing techniques. While this is a great place to start, there should be more done to ensure your business is sanitary.

A day porter from Stratus can help ensure that high-touch areas such as doorknobs, handrails, security touchpads, and more are frequently sanitized throughout the day. They can also ensure that trash cans are regularly emptied as needed, hand soap and paper towels are re-stocked when they run out, bathrooms are cleaned throughout the day, and more. This will help you show your employees that you are invested in them and the hard work that they do, while also showing your clients or customers that you are a business that cares about their safety and comfort.

Daily Cleaning

At the end of each day of business, your building should be thoroughly cleaned. Stratus provides janitorial services to cover all of the cleaning tasks that your facility requires, from vacuuming and mopping to bathroom cleaning, window cleaning, sanitizing, and more. While many business owners often choose to take on the task of cleaning themselves or delegate it to employees, hiring professionals to take care of daily cleaning helps to ensure that everything is cleaned properly with high-quality tools and chemicals. This can also help to improve employee morale by providing a clean, sanitary workplace for the people who work for your business.

Cleaning Customized to Your Needs and Schedule

Whatever the office cleaning services and sanitation needs are of your business, Stratus will work with you to come up with a customized schedule. Contact us to create a cleaning plan for your business that is unique to your needs!