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Commercial Cleaning Service

Atlanta, Meet Gary Graves and Stratus Building Solutions

It’s been said there’s no place like home. Gary Graves has called Georgia home all 45 years of his life. The dedicated father of four has watched his home state blossom into one of the world’s important commerce centers. Now, thanks to Graves commitment to deliver economic empowerment through business ownership, Atlanta is now home to Georgia’s first-ever master franchise territory for Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise.

Graves’ investment in Stratus Building Solutions marks his first official endeavor with entrepreneurship. However, it is far from his first brush with starting a business. Graves boasts two-plus decades of experience in sales and business management, including leading a locally-based inorganic chemical manufacturer’s launch of a successful start-up company.

Stratus Building Solutions provides an environmentally friendly commercial cleaning experience to clients large and small across America and Canada. Customer service, professionalism and accountability is at the root of Stratus Building Solutions’ core principles. We have longstanding relationships with a wide and diverse range of clients including office building managers, banks and financial institutions, daycare centers and preschools, primary and secondary education, gyms and fitness facilities, government offices, retail, religious centers, car dealership and property management.

As one of the nation’s most populous cities and one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, Atlanta has plenty to offer. Only three cities can say they have more Fortune 500 companies within city boundaries. Nearly eight out of 10 of the Fortune 1000 companies have a presence in Atlanta. The list of employment sectors spans the spectrum, from finance, healthcare and biomedical manufacturing and media and communications. The only thing missing was a commercial cleaning and janitorial service to match the city’s lofty standards…until now.

Stratus Building Solutions provides businesses the most comprehensive janitorial and office cleaning options in the state — with a gigantic twist. We do so with the environment in mind. Stratus Building Services leads the way in health and environmentally conscious commercial cleaning services. Our services include our distinctive Stratus Green Clean program.

Many commercial cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds, a leading producer of respiratory irritations, headaches and other symptoms. Stratus Building Solutions materials, processes and equipment are selected for their environmental attributes. Our services actively promote:

  • Employee health and safety
  • Government regulations
  • Corporate mandates
  • Waste/cost reduction
  • Increased recycling/compliance

One of our more consistent and strongest partners remain hospitals and medical facilities. A sterile environment is necessary in the medical field. Stratus Building Solutions has been entrusted to implement safe and healthy standards that maintain stringent cleanliness standards. Therefore, Atlanta, home to some of the world’s renowned medical centers, is a great fit for Gary Graves and Stratus Building Solutions!

Gary is excited to bring Status Building Solutions to his hometown. Get a conversation started on how to make your business safer, healthier, cleaner, and greener!