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5 Tips to Identify Pandemic Resistant Franchise Opportunities

It’s safe to say that this year has not gone as anyone planned — and for those who had planned to start a business, 2020 has to be particularly frustrating. After all, it would be hard to justify spending all of your time and money to start up a business when so many of them have been forced to shut down.

There are exceptions, though.

If you started a disinfecting franchise in 2020, you probably are pretty pleased that you made the decision to start a business. Because there are definitely pandemic-resistant businesses out there, and Stratus Building Solutions is definitely one of them.

So if you’re looking for pandemic-resistant franchise opportunities, we have some suggestions on what to search for.

Look for services that are in demand — even in a pandemic. For instance, entertainment centers for children, like indoor trampoline parks, they’re a blast, and we hope that they continue to thrive — but some have struggled. Many dine-in restaurants and bars throughout the country, at least at the time of this writing, are open, but this probably wouldn’t be a great time to start a fine-dining or bar-related business model right now.

A disinfecting franchise is another story.

We’re as worried as anyone else about our family members and friends catching COVID-19 and want this virus to go away as fast as possible — and we know you feel the same way. But from an economic standpoint, a recession-proof cleaning services company may be one of the best business models you can have against the pandemic. The pandemic isn’t shutting down cleaning franchises; they’re creating a demand for them.

Look for franchises that will be in demand after the pandemic. A cleaning franchise has always been valued, but it’s safe to say that after the pandemic is in the past, disinfecting and sanitizing services will be valued more than ever. As terrible and tragic as the pandemic has been, it has shined a spotlight on why cleaning is important to people’s health.

In other words, you want a commercial cleaning service and disinfecting franchise, a business that is not only seen as a necessity now but will be in demand long after COVID-19 is a distant but hardly forgotten memory. It seems highly unlikely, even if the pandemic ended tomorrow, that clients will ever start suggesting to a disinfecting franchise that they think their workspace is too clean.

Look for franchises that believe in training. For instance, Stratus Building Solutions offers both classroom and on-the-job training. It’s a four-phase training program, with one week at the franchisor’s home office in Los Angeles and three additional weeks at the franchisee’s office. There are also annual franchise meetings and occasional seminars.

Our cleaning franchisor also provides you with on-site assistance to set up your office and implement sales, operations, and administrative procedures.

Look for franchises that offer a low initial investment. During a pandemic and this economy, getting loans and raising money to buy a franchise is harder than ever. Fortunately, the investment for a Stratus Building Solutions franchise is also low, one of the lowest in the franchising industry.

Look for franchises that have franchisors that truly believe in the concept of a partnership. There are many wonderful franchises in the world, and there are a lot where the franchisee is left feeling unmoored and adrift. You want a franchise that doesn’t simply take the franchise fee and then essentially disappears. You want a franchise that offers extensive training and the tools to let your business thrive.

You want a disinfecting franchise like Stratus Building Solutions.

As you’ll see, if you reach out and talk to Stratus franchise owners, if you buy a Stratus Building Solutions franchise, you won’t then be cast out into the wilderness to try and run your business on your own. You really will have a franchisor that is a true partner.

And that may be the best sign that you’re looking at a pandemic-resistant franchise – if you feel that the franchisor is going to act like a partner. The coronavirus is too challenging for any business owner to battle on his or her own. And if you do become a Stratus Building Solutions cleaning franchise, and we hope you’ll contact us for more information, we will be tirelessly working with you to make sure you succeed. We all need each other now, more than ever, and the best way to have a pandemic-resistant business is to fight the virus — together.