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5 Reasons Why a Janitorial Franchise is the Right Business Strategy

Investing as a Janitorial Franchise can be the perfect move for young entrepreneurs who are looking to build a business backed by the support of an established brand. Here’s why.

Janitorial Franchise On The Rise

Janitorial services will always be essential, never more so than in the past year. While the global pandemic brought other industries to their knees, the cleaning industry is valued at more than $63 billion, with limitless growth potential for young entrepreneurs considering a new investment opportunity.

As the world begins to open back up, offices, restaurants, schools, and hospitals where people gather will continue to need dedicated janitorial professionals to keep their businesses clean and healthy.

Stratus maintains a focus toward the future — for both its customers and franchisees. As a leader in green cleaning technology and other environmentally conscientious practices, Stratus is committed to supporting long-term sustainability, and a quality that is becoming increasingly sought after in the janitorial industry.

Cleaning Business Support

The right franchise will come turnkey-ready with a team of highly-trained experienced professionals to prepare you for the job at hand. Stratus Building Solutions provides all new unit franchisees with the essential tools and methods to provide the best customer experience which establishes repetitive business. 

With no previous janitorial business experience required, Stratus emphasizes a focus on training and ongoing support to its franchisees in the form of vendor relationships, marketing assistance, development and sales customer outreach, and more.

Lower Investment With All The Rewards 

Diving into a role as a unit franchisee should appeal to young entrepreneurs for a number of reasons, but perhaps no more so than the initial cost of investment. Considering both time and money when judging an investment, Stratus offers one of the lowest buy-ins on the market, with as low as $1,000 down. Stratus being a leader in a recession and pandemic-proof industry, the time spent learning to become your own boss is essentially an investment in your own success.

Unit franchisees benefit from the support of Stratus Master Franchisees, which is currently established in over 57 major United States cities and working with more than 2,000 unit franchisees and counting. 

Built-In Customer Care 

Unlike starting your own business from scratch, Stratus offers new franchisees an established network of customer relationship opportunities. Providing world-class care since 2006, Stratus continues to adapt to customers’ needs as a leader in green cleaning technology and other customized janitorial advancements. Giving franchisees the strongest foundation for longevity and success.

Opportunity For Growth 

After establishing yourself within a franchise system like Stratus Building Solutions, the possibilities for growth are endless. Multi-unit or Master Franchise business opportunities allow you to capitalize on the accomplishments you have already achieved as a franchisee. Continuing to enjoy the benefits of a strong support system, all the while building your impact in an ever-expanding industry.

Stratus Building Solutions welcomes young entrepreneurs to invest in their future with a brand that is dedicated to growth, support, and innovation. If you are interested in learning more about franchising opportunities with Stratus, schedule a free consultation now.