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2023 Year-End Building Cleaning Checklist

As 2023 comes to a close, it's the perfect time to make sure your business or commercial building is ready for a fresh start in 2024. Stratus Building Solutions—your reliable partner in building cleaning services—presents a comprehensive year-end cleaning checklist to address both the interior and exterior aspects of your property.

Indoor Cleaning

  • Deep Carpet Cleaning: Start with a thorough carpet cleaning to remove embedded dirt, stains, and allergens. Stratus Building Solutions employs advanced carpet cleaning techniques to rejuvenate and revitalize your flooring.
  • Hard Surface Floor Care: Whether you have hardwood, tile, or vinyl floors, a professional cleaning and polishing service can restore the shine and luster. This enhances the overall aesthetics of your interior space.
  • Window Cleaning: Let in more natural light by ensuring your windows are crystal clear. Professional window cleaning not only improves visibility but also contributes to a brighter and more inviting atmosphere.
  • Dust and Surface Wiping: Address high-touch surfaces, including desks, countertops, and electronics. Stratus Building Solutions utilizes eco-friendly cleaning solutions to effectively remove dust and germs, creating a healthier workspace.
  • Restroom Sanitization: Deep clean and sanitize restroom facilities to ensure a hygienic environment for employees and visitors. This includes disinfecting surfaces and fixtures, and restocking essential supplies.
  • Trash Removal and Recycling: Empty all trash receptacles and ensure proper recycling practices are in place. A clutter-free space contributes to a more organized and visually appealing workplace.


Outdoor Cleaning

  • Exterior Window Cleaning: Enhance your building's curb appeal with exterior window cleaning. This not only improves aesthetics but also allows more natural light into the interior spaces.
  • Pressure Washing: Give your building's exterior a facelift by scheduling a professional pressure washing service. This removes dirt, grime, and mildew, leaving surfaces looking fresh and well-maintained.
  • Parking Lot Maintenance: Ensure safety and cleanliness in your parking lot by addressing debris, leaves, and any accumulated trash. 
  • Landscaping Cleanup: Trim overgrown bushes, remove leaves, and ensure that the landscaping is well-maintained. A clean and organized exterior contributes to a positive first impression for clients and visitors.
  • Graffiti Removal: If graffiti is present on any exterior surfaces, professional removal services can restore the cleanliness and professionalism of your building.
  • Gutter Cleaning: Prevent water damage by scheduling gutter cleaning. This is especially important during the fall, when leaves and debris accumulate.


By following this comprehensive year-end cleaning checklist, you're not only improving the overall appearance of your building but also investing in a healthier and more productive environment for your employees and visitors. Contact us today to customize a cleaning plan that suits the unique needs of your business. Stratus Building Solutions is committed to delivering top-notch building cleaning services that make a lasting impact.


About the Author

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Maureen DiStefano, the Vice President of Operations at Stratus Building Solutions, is a seasoned franchise executive with over 20 years of experience with several national brands. She began her career at the ARAMARK Corporation and moved on to leadership roles in operations & development with the Delaware North Company, Popeyes Chicken, Dunkin’ Brands/ Inspire, and Starbucks. Most recently, Maureen served as Vice President US & Canada Store Operations with the well-known GNC brand (General Nutrition Company). Maureen understands franchisees are the champions of the company, and as a franchisor, we need to provide support and the tools to succeed. Operating this way ensures everyone wins. Her dedication to building high-performing teams has led to record results.