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Vinegar, the Natural Cleaner

November 1st marks “National Vinegar Day” for the US to pay homage to one of the oldest, traditional and one of the most natural cleaners known. As a type of acid made from fermenting fruits, Vinegar is non-toxic and effective in cleaning many of home and office spaces.

Commercial Cleaning Service

VOCs and their Adverse Health Effects

Have you ever walked into a building and have it reek of bleach, Pinsol, or fresh paint and instantaneously you have a headache, eye irritation, nausea or become dizzy?  These symptoms are caused by exposure to VOCs (or volatile organic compounds) that are emitted by different materials and chemicals frequently used in buildings, most commonly cleaning supplies. Concentrations indoors are often 10x higher than outside, leaving many with short-term and can even have long term side effects. (source: EPA)